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The reason “The scariest person on the planet” is afraid to fight “Giant” biceps 77cm

(Sports news, martial arts news) “The most fearsome man on the planet” Martyn Ford hinted at the reason he was forced to quit the “Iranian Giant”.

For more than a week, the world’s boxing fans had to whisper when the “heaviest match in history” between Martyn Ford (2m03 height, 140 kg weight) and Sajad Gharibi (1m88 height and 179 kg weight, corn) hand 77cm) is officially canceled.

The reason why "The scariest person on the planet"  afraid to fight "Giant"  biceps 77cm - 1

Ford (left) hinted that the cause of the match’s cancellation was Gharibi (right) suffering from mental health problems, a complex illness that many famous athletes are facing

Previously, the couple signed a boxing contract on April 30 in London (England), but now everything has fallen apart. “The scariest man on the planet” Ford was the first to announce the postponement of the match, he also hinted that the reason the match was canceled was from Gharibi’s side.

Also on his personal page, “Hulk Iran” Gharibi, who has biceps up to 77cm, announced the opposite. The boxer with the body of an athlete like the “Green Giant Hulk” declared that Ford was a flippant and coward, so he arbitrarily canceled the upper stage.

Two boxers disappointed one then 10 fans damage. They may take time for previous preparations, but both have received great attention from the audience. The names of the two have been magnified, although they are not “hands and feet”.

The audience needed a thorough explanation when the upper stage was postponed, but nearly a week passed, it was still unclear why the match was postponed.

According to Fitnessvolt’s research, the cause came from Gharibi’s side. On Ford’s Facebook, this boxer replied to the audience’s comments and revealed the main reason, he wrote: “He (Gharibi) used to cry when he appeared on TV and talked about suicide. I think fighting with such a person is too risky. Concerns about mental health, physical health, is what stops everything.”

It is true that before the match Gharibi appeared on television, crying and talking about being rejected by his biological parents because he wanted to fight with Ford. The spirit of “Iranian Hulk” is unstable before the competition, which may be the main reason why the “Scariest Man on the Planet” side has to “run away and run for people”. Ford didn’t want to hurt someone with a mental health problem.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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