The rich who walk in the door often see these 4 things

If you want to attract wealth, put 1 of 4 things at the entrance to the house so that life is convenient, the family is always peaceful and happy.

Planting bonsai at the entrance to the house

Tree Feng Shui The front of the house brings luck and fortune to the owner. If you do not know what tree to plant in front of your house to both bring prosperity and create a green space, you can refer to plants such as ornamental areca, bamboo, ornamental coconut, pomegranate tree, persimmon tree…

All these plants bring fortune and prosperity to your family.

The rich enter the door often see 4 things that the poor rarely see-1

Construction of patio cushions

To keep the house clean and tidy, many people put a carpet in front of the porch to wipe dirt on shoes. But just cleaning the soles of the shoes is not enough, because the door is the front of the house, once cleaned, it must be kept as clean as possible, the God of Wealth will often visit.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the carpet in front of the door is clean and tidy, regular washing and frequent change is a taboo way, so that the overall house looks tall and superficial.

Build a rockery in front of the house

According to feng shui experts, when you design a water source, the rockery that flows in front of your house will help stimulate prosperity in your home.

However, many people have the same question as to where is the best place to put water and help wealth flow into the house? According to Feng Shui, the most suitable place to place the water source is near the entrance to your home.

Hang items that bring good luck in front of the house

One of the ways to help your family always have a lot of luck, easy to promote and prosper is to hang lucky items in front of the door. The puzzle can be wind chimes, feng shui paintings, feng shui words or feng shui objects made from crystal… all bring luck to the homeowner.

According to feng shui, crystal is a symbol that brings many auspicious points. Using feng shui crystals to decorate the house in addition to luxury, it also helps reduce stress, create harmony for relationships and exorcise.

In addition, feng shui crystals also have the meaning of complementing the planet and regulating the air flows in the house.

The rich enter the door often see 4 things that the poor rarely see-2

At the same time, items made from natural crystal can be hung outside the door to attract sunlight and create seven rainbow colors to bring lush energy into the house, and the owner can also hang wind chimes with pear for best results.

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