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The truth about Son Tung taking Hai Tu to Da Lat with G63

April 14, 2022 14:51 GMT+7

The image of Son Tung M-TP taking “muse” Hai Tu to travel with a newly purchased luxury car has attracted the attention of many people.

Recently, netizens shared a lot of pictures of a man and woman sitting in a super luxury car G63. According to the owner of the photo, during the holiday trip to Da Lat, when the road was congested and stuck in the middle, this person accidentally caught the eye-catching car G63 and was even more surprised when the man and woman sat on the main car. Son Tung and Hai Tu.


The image is said to be Son Tung and Hai Tu.

Immediately after the image spread on social networks, many netizens said that although the image was quite blurry, the character was wearing a mask… but the couple in the car looked like Hai Tu and Son Tung.

However, these are just unconfirmed shares of netizens. On the personal pages of Son Tung and Hai Tu, they absolutely do not share any pictures of their trip to Dalat.


This is the car Son Tung has taken many times with.

Instead, Son Tung shared his new work in English: “It’s time to conquer another mountain. My very first English song in my career. Let’s go on this journey with me SKY. THERE’S NO ONE AT ALL”.

It is time to conquer another mountain. The first English song in my career. Sky please accompany me. No one is everything”.


Son Tung shared about his new work.

Before that, Son Tung – Hai Tu was involved in rumors that he was about to move to the villa that Son Tung was building and prepare for a wedding in the not too distant future. The two were even seen walking out of a long-term rental villa in Nha Be district. In the business and marketing images recorded, Hai Tu is sitting behind a motorbike hugging the “chairman”‘s waist quite affectionately.


Before that, the two were seen passing each other on motorbikes coming out of their private villa.

It has been more than a year since Hai Tu – Son Tung’s love rumors have always received a lot of attention. The two were in doubt about dating when they constantly revealed “hints” in double clothes, living in the same house. Even Son Tung’s “muse” is said to have given birth to his first child through a series of signs of a diaper mother.

Suspected of being in love, even having children together, but both Son Tung and Hai Tu have never once spoken about their relationship.

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