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The truth is that the white sea sugar “fever” is hunted like pure gold, selling for billions a tree

Lately, although nothing special, but white sea sugar (white-flowered begonia, belonging to the tea family) suddenly had a “crazy island” price fever. In the market, there is information that many people are looking to buy this tree with extremely high prices from a few dozen to several hundred, to billions of dong a mature tree.

Before this “heavenly” price, bonsai lovers and many artisans as well as gardeners have warned against signs of similar price “fever”. mutant orchid past.

Why is white begonia suddenly being actively hunted?

Advertisements: “Need to buy white begonia flowers“,”Buy white begonia flowers in bulk, regardless of the price“;”Buy original white begonia, not grafted, price does not matter“… recently, it’s no longer strange on social networks.

Many people wonder where the source of the never-before-seen search for the popular, unconventional plant came from.

The truth is that the white sugar fever is hunted like pure gold, selling for billions of dollars a tree - Photo 1.

The white begonias are offered for sale at high prices on social networks. Photo: Dan Tri

The truth is the white sugar fever is hunted like pure gold, selling for billions of dollars a tree - Photo 2.

White begonia is mainly a fever on social networks. Photo: Thanh Nien

According to Thanh Nien’s research, a gardener in Phu Tho said that he had just sold a white sugarcane tree for 2 billion VND, now only one tree is full of leaves, more than 1.2m high, priced at 500 million VND. This person said that this price is cheap because it is different from ordinary begonia. Red flowers have red buds, yellow flowers have yellow buds, and white flowers have blue buds.

Another seller named DMT, who boasted that he had a nursery in Binh Duong and the white begonias that were selling at a high price were owned by a family member in Vinh Phuc province. T. said that before someone bought this tree 3-4 billion VND, but now the price has been reduced to 130 million VND. Those who want to buy, come to the garden to meet and talk easily.

T. also advertises this plant that blooms only once a year, very rare, and has medicinal uses. But when asked what it is used for, T. couldn’t answer, just said it quickly.

The truth is that the white sugar fever is hunted like pure gold, selling for billions of dollars a tree - Photo 3.

In fact, 15-20cm tall Bach Hai Duong seedlings at a garden house in Phu Tho province cost only 99,000 VND/plant. Photo: Labor

Responding to Thanh Nien, physician Phan Cao Binh, General Director of Oriental Traditional Company (HCMC), analyzed: “I have been treated with traditional medicine for many years and this is also a traditional profession. In the list of medicinal plants, begonia flowers are also mentioned very faintly. It is just a sub-type used to coordinate the preparation of drugs in pain relief, hemostasis, etc., but it is not unique or rare.“.

As a lover and perennial bonsai player, Mr. Nguyen T. (Hoa Binh) shared with VTC News that the current price of white begonia is “shocking” more than the previous mutant orchid.

The price of mutant orchids at the time of fever is only a few dozen to several hundred million VND/seedling (excluding special plants), not as expensive as white sugar. An ordinary woody species, the flowers are not really beautiful, but the tree is about 3m tall and costs billions of dong“, I said.

The truth is that the white sugar fever is hunted like pure gold, selling for billions of dollars a tree - Photo 4.

Bach Hai Duong “exchanges” with huge deals have sprung up in recent days in Vinh Phuc and Phu Tho. Photo: Labor

According to Mr. T., the price fever of white begonia has been pushed up by a group of mysterious people for about a month now. According to information that Mr. T. knows, some groups have collected and propagated white begonia for more than a year. When there are seedlings, this group of people hunt for large trees and start making racks.

An expert in the bonsai world in Thach That (Hanoi) said that this is a phenomenon of pushing the market price of some groups of speculators for profit, this phenomenon has been seen before in many commodities, not only. what in the world of bonsai.

According to him, true bonsai people are always quiet, deep and never want this kind of fever to happen.

Just a blatant price blow

Evaluating Bach Hai Duong, Mr. Do Duy Quan, Vice President of the Nam Dinh Provincial Creature Artisan Club, shared with VTC News that this is a very cheap plant, before there were not many people looking to buy it. .

Analyzing this plant more closely, artisan Do Duy Quan informed, Bach Hai Duong is a naturally growing plant that is easy to grow, can sow seeds and prune, so in the past, this plant was only priced at a few dozen. thousands of dong but few customers buy it.

According to Mr. Quan, in comparison, the red begonia variety is even more valuable than the white begonia and is bought by more players: “The red begonia plant means rich nourishment. Therefore, many people buy and play indoors on Tet holiday with bright red flowers. However, the value of red begonia is not high, only ranging from a few hundred to several million dong. There is nothing special about the white begonia tree“.

Talking to VietNamNet about white begonia fever, Prof. Nguyen Lan Hung affirmed that begonia flowers are usually red, but white begonias are not rare. This tree was originally planted as an ornamental plant, nothing special.

However, traders are exaggerating, creating virtual values ​​just like mutant orchids, or price blowing like shares on the stock exchange, to sell for profit.

The truth is the white sugar fever is hunted like pure gold, selling for billions of dollars a tree - Photo 5.

Many experts warn people not to follow the fever, pour money to buy high-priced white begonia.

GS. Nguyen Lan Hung also emphasized that science and technology are becoming more and more modern, propagating plants and creating flower colors is not difficult. From a traditional flower color such as gerbera, thanks to the application of technical methods, dozens of different flower colors can be created.

Therefore, with white begonia, everyone needs to be careful, don’t follow the fever, spend money to buy trees so that when it is saturated, the price will fall back and suffer great losses.

Talking to Tuoi Tre on the afternoon of April 13, Mr. Nguyen Nhu Cuong – Director of the Department of Crop Production (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) said that he is receiving information about the situation of “inflating prices” up to hundreds of millions. , even billions of dong with white sea sugar tree occurred in some localities in the past few days and continue to monitor and evaluate the situation for timely direction and recommendations.

According to Mr. Cuong, we have just had a “money label” lesson about mutant orchids, causing many people in localities to suffer heavy losses and even default on their debts, but people in some places are too quick to forget and continue to “get mad” “follow the begonia tree.

Regarding the breeding of this plant, Mr. Cuong affirmed that the propagation of white, red or yellow begonias is extremely simple. People just need to take cuttings, cuttings or grafting can live and bloom normally.

The fact that people gossip about rare white begonia flowers is in fact just a trick, a trick of some business people to profit, blow prices and hit greed, crowd effect when seeing immediate benefits.“, Mr. Cuong added and advised people to be very alert, not to believe, not to be “trapped” by this plant.

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