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Theerathon received 2 red cards in 3 days, Thailand sank into the abyss at SEA Games

Bunmathan’s 2 haunting red cards

SEA Games 26 (2011) was a nightmare for the Thai people when they were eliminated from the group stage. One of the reasons why Thailand U23 soon used their feet in the tournament was that they did not have the strongest force because of the overlapping schedule between the SEA Games and the World Cup qualifiers.

In November 2011, Thailand had to participate in 2 matches in the third qualifying round of the 2014 World Cup in Asia against Saudi Arabia and Australia. At the same time, Thailand U23 had to compete in SEA Games 26. Before this overlapping schedule, 4 important players of Thailand U23 at that time were Kawin (21 years old), Bunmathan (21 years old), Jakkraphan (23 years old). age) and Dangda (23 years old) were promoted to the national team to play World Cup qualifiers.

Thailand U23’s coach, Mr. Prapon Ponpanich, aims to win the 26th SEA Games gold medal. However, Thailand U23 lost 1-2 against Malaysia U22 in the opening match on November 9, 2011.

Two days later, the Thai team lost 0-3 to Saudi Arabia away from home in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers. Theerathon Bunmathan received a red card at the end of the match and could not participate in the next match against Australia. This left-back immediately flew to Indonesia to attend the 26th SEA Games. However, the presence of Bunmathan could not help Thailand escape the disaster at that SEA Games.

Theerathon received 2 red cards in 3 days, Thailand sank into the abyss at the SEA Games - Photo 1.

Theerathon Bunmathan received 2 red cards within 3 days

The 21-year-old player played in the third match of Thailand U23 in the group stage, against host Indonesia. However, he received a red card in the 12th minute, and Thailand U23 lost 1-3. Bunmathan became the first Thai player to receive 2 red cards in 3 days.

In addition to Bunmathan, another player from Thailand U23, Ekkasit, was also disqualified in the second half of the match against Indonesia. Things got worse for Thailand U23 when they lost to Singapore U23 in the last match. As a result, Thailand U23 only won 4 points after 6 matches and was eliminated from the group stage. This is a dark memory for Thailand U23 players in general and Bunmathan in particular.

Theerathon received 2 red cards in 3 days, Thailand sank into the abyss at the SEA Games - Photo 2.

Thailand U23 eliminated from the 26th SEA Games group stage

Before the tournament, Bunmathan confidently announced that he could compete in both the World Cup qualifiers and the SEA Games: “If I don’t get injured, I can play two matches in the World Cup qualifiers and then go to the SEA Games. I have very good physical strength so there will be no problem.”. But the worst happened to the 21-year-old. I’m sorry Sanook of Thailand commented that perhaps until the end of his life, Bunmathan will still remember the two red cards mentioned above.

Meanwhile, the sheet Siam Sport pointed out that the force of Thailand U23 at the 26th SEA Games lacked quality, because many players who went to Indonesia only sat on the bench at the club, had little opportunity to play.

Winds and waves before the 31st SEA Games

This time, Thai football continues to have problems with the schedule, even more troublesome than in 2011. The 31st SEA Games schedule coincides with the matches in the national championship and the Thai League Cup. In addition, the 31st SEA Games is also close to the time when the Thai national team must compete in the Asian Cup 2023 qualifiers.

Controversy arose when coach Mano Polking was appointed to lead Thailand U23 and then the Thai domestic tournament schedule was adjusted to serve the goal of winning the 31st SEA Games gold medal. Benefits of clubs The Thai League was suddenly pushed aside after the female team leader, Madam Pang, called for support for Thailand U23. And of course, those affected by the aforementioned decision cannot sit idly by.

Theerathon received 2 red cards in 3 days, Thailand sank into the abyss at the SEA Games - Photo 3.

The schedule of the Thai league and the League Cup has been adjusted

Mr. Sasit Singtothong – executive director of Chonburi Club, announced to the press that he would not release players for Thailand U23 because SEA Games 31 is not part of FIFA Day. Even Sasit Singtothong believes that there is a “dark hand” that is manipulating, causing the Thai ball to become disordered.

Many Thai fans objected to Madam Pang and said that the 2023 Asian Cup qualifier should be the priority tournament and not the 31st SEA Games. Many of them bought tickets to the matches and were not satisfied when The domestic league schedule has been changed.

Meanwhile, Coach Mano Polking, despite being appointed to lead the Thailand U23 team, is still preoccupied with the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers, a very important tournament for “War Elephants”.

Theerathon received 2 red cards in 3 days, Thailand sank into the abyss at the SEA Games - Photo 4.

Coach Mano Polking was appointed to lead Thailand U23

With the harsh response from Thai League clubs, it is not known that there will be more “turns around” in the near future. Coach Polking has revealed the possibility of withdrawing to cede the task of leading Thailand U23 to coach Worrawoot Srimaka due to concerns about the force situation. Meanwhile, many Thai League clubs can “imitate” the Chonburi club by not releasing people. And if this happens, it will be very difficult for Thailand U23 to get the strongest force and even, they may have to use U19 players.

Less than a month left until the 31st SEA Games men’s football kicks off, but at this time, from officials, to clubs and even Thai fans, are not looking in the same direction. If there is no consensus, it is very difficult for Thailand U23 to achieve the goal of winning the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games.

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