Tieu Phong hit 1 palm and injured Vo Danh god, why can’t he kill the tiger?

Kieu Phong – A rare martial arts talent

Kieu Phong, also known as Tieu Phong, is one of the three main characters of the martial arts novel Thien Long Bat Bo, written by writer Kim Dung. In this novel, Tieu Phong is described as an outstanding great hero. At the age of 30, Tieu Phong has reached the realm of Dang Phong creating polarity, which also means that his martial arts can be considered as one of the masters of the martial arts world.

Tieu Phong is also the only one who can use Hang Long and Ten Eight Palms with lightning speed, in the blink of an eye, he has released 3 moves of Resistance to Repentance, the wind can shoot up to 10 feet, the strength is like a tsunami. , the wide coverage is equivalent to a high wall, making Dinh Xuan Thu even a great player afraid, not daring to fight directly.

Tieu Phong hit 1 palm and injured Vo Danh god, why can't he kill the tiger?  - Photo 1.

Tieu Phong is described as a martial arts genius, born with divine power. (Photo: Baidu)

In addition, Kim Dung also described Tieu Phong as a martial arts genius who is born with divine power, so the more he meets a strong opponent, the more potential he will develop in him. With special abilities, Tieu Phong can easily turn an ordinary move into powerful. Like, in the battle at Tu Hien Trang, Tieu Phong used Thai To Long Fist to reach the state of Tinh Dieu excellent Luan, fighting on the basis of two high monks of Shaolin, Huyen Nien and Huyen Xi.

When Tieu Phong and Murong Fu were fighting at the Shaolin Temple, they happened to meet the monk Wu Danh, who was considered to have the most superhuman martial arts. The monk just needed wax to immediately create a wall of strength between the two, making the two great skills Hang Long, Ten Eight Palms and Dau Transfer Tinh Di, who were hitting and touching, no longer had any trace. Even Tieu Vien Son and Murong Bo, who were masters of martial arts, fell down with a gentle palm blow by the monk.

However, when Tieu Phong used Hang Long and Ten Eight Palms to attack, the godless monk was hit by 1 attack, broke several ribs, and even vomited blood. Although after that, the monk Vo Danh Monk still gently carried the bodies of Tieu Vien Son and Murong Bo, but here you can see the skillful arrangement of the author. That is, even if the monk is the head of the martial arts world, he can be injured by Tieu Phong. Through this it can be seen that although Tieu Phong is not the person with the highest martial arts, he has comprehensive strength.

Can’t kill 1 tiger

However, in a passage depicting Tieu Phong fighting a tiger on Truong Bach mountain, the reader finds Tieu Phong showing a completely different side. That passage describes the scene where Tieu Phong faced a ferocious tiger. At that time, Tieu Phong used 7 parts of his power to hit the tiger’s head. Unexpectedly, the tiger had a very large head, thick bones, it just fell upside down and immediately turned over and rushed towards Tieu Phong.

Tieu Phong increased by 10 points again, only heard 1 “soldier” sound, this palm hit the tiger’s side, it staggered a few steps and then ran away. Through these descriptions, it is not difficult to discover that, Tieu Phong kicked out 2 palms but still couldn’t kill the tiger.

Tieu Phong hit 1 palm and injured Vo Danh god, why can't he kill the tiger?  - Photo 2.

Although Tieu Phong can injure the godless monk, he cannot kill a tiger. (Photo: Baidu)

Meanwhile, Duong Qua in “The Condor Heroes” used his internal skills to scream, causing the lions and tigers to collapse one by one, even the elephants could not stand. Because he was worried that someone might get hurt, Duong Qua stopped, if they continued, they would probably be killed by his screams.

So why can’t Tieu Phong, who can injure the godless monk, defeat a tiger? To explain this question, we can rely on the suggestions that writer Kim Dung used when describing Tieu Phong.

Tieu Phong is not only a man of divine power, but when he meets an opponent with profound internal skills, his moves are more variable, at the time of life and death, he can turn the situation around with one move and half consciousness. player.

So, the implication in writer Kim Dung’s description is very clear: Tieu Phong, when he meets a strong opponent, will become more and more dangerous when he will promote his qualities.

Therefore, when fighting with the godless monk, Tieu Phong can promote his strength, but when he meets an opponent as weak as a tiger in Changbai Mountain, his fighting power will quickly drop.

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