Tieu Tam was caught in bed and still faceless

Caught cheating in battle in a sensitive position, but the third person remained indifferent.

A video of a wife catching her husband and lover in bed in the hotel is attracting more than 15 million views in China.

The wife is said to bring a group of friends along to testify with her own eyes that her husband, who has been married for 6 years, is “a man above the girl below” with his mistress. When the video was shot, the husband was wearing only his underwear and his girlfriend was wearing a flimsy nightgown.

The mistress is seen half lying on the bed in a sensitive position and playing with her nails. Meanwhile, the wife also sat on the bed, confronted her husband and repeatedly slapped him, then angrily shouted:

“How dare you?”.

“How nice I’ve been to you, you know.”

A friend standing next to him said that the husband was a bad guy because “so far he has spent his wife’s money”. Angry at being criticized, the husband jumped up and got into a fight with his wife’s friend in the corner of the room.

The girl, who was accused of being a mistress, later claimed to have no idea that he was married when the two started dating. When one of his wife’s friends scolded his mistress: “What about after you found out?”, then the mistress was silent.

A survey has shown that about 60% of men cheat. The percentage of men who have at least one sex outside of marriage is 90%.

Most of the unmarried men believe that the institution of monogamous marriage is the best, it has the ability to give both of us a perfect sex life and we will love our wife for the rest of our lives. want someone else.

However, as “the ghost leads the way”, many men go on difficult and troublesome paths, causing women a lot of grief.

When they first fall in love, they are very passionate, but the more they “eat in front of the crowd”, the faster the infatuation decreases and they begin to find “strange things” attractive.

On average, after a few years of marriage, men begin to feel “lost freedom” when being tightly controlled by their wives, making it difficult for them to “change dishes”. The more forbidden something is in life, the more you crave it.

They begin to feel that marriage is like a prison of their sexual desires. Unable to quench their burning desire, they began to quarrel with their wives. In fact, many times they still love their wives, but besides that, they still want to go to bed with other people.

The motto of these brothers is “adding without taking away” or “expanding, not destroying, rebuilding”. We admit in reality there are men who only know how to have a wife their whole life, never having sex with anyone else, but that’s their choice, not that they have an unusual structure.

Tieu Tam was caught red-handed in bed, still showing her face, being scolded for one sentence, she kept silent-1

Research shows that about half of cases adultery Men are still in the dark or their wives suspect but have no convincing evidence, if they say they argue, they are angry because they “hurt” them.

Some researchers consider adultery as the tip of the iceberg, which cannot be accounted for but can only be estimated.

And it’s precisely because men who cheat don’t get caught that they cheat more and more. Many people consider the constant “couple” as a proud achievement, but on the contrary, they never allow their partners to do so.

According to many studies, no less than 80% of divorces today are caused by adultery. The more equal women are with men, the higher their ability to be economically independent, the more unwilling they are to sit and watch their husbands “roll around”. Either they can’t stand it, “he eats cha, she eats spring rolls” or files an application to court.

Therefore, men who want to maintain happiness should not be greedy and do not know when to stop.

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