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Unfortunate daughter spills soda on clothes, the handling of 2 mothers makes 2 different lives

The story is about two girls who are 6 years old together and a situation that happened at home at dinner. Both May and Tina are trying to pour soft drinks into their cups. Because the children’s hands are small, they accidentally spilled water, falling on their clothes.

May’s mother: May was immediately yelled at and criticized with the worst words. The mother blamed the little girl for not knowing how to appreciate drinks, being clumsy but always pretending to be me. That somewhat ironic language makes outsiders feel that it is not meant to say to a 6-year-old child: ”You are so stupid, there is a glass of water that you can’t finish. Then what, buying clothes costs money, water also costs money, how to get it back? It’s okay to have such small things that you can’t do”.

Tina’s mother: Unlike May’s mother, this mother immediately showed her daughter how to clean. Together, mother and daughter dry up the water spilled on the floor, take the baby to change clothes to avoid catching a cold. After finishing cleaning, Tina’s mother looked into her eyes and said: ”Water or food is very precious, so I hope you will treasure it. I know you accidentally spilled the water, so I don’t blame you, next time you have to be a little more careful. If it’s too difficult, you can tell your mother.”

The result of the above incident was that May sobbed and was extremely sad, and Tina thanked her mother for not scolding her, and realized an extremely valuable lesson. Not only that, many years later, May grew up to be a girl self-deprecating, timid, afraid to do anything, will be wrong, will fail and always live in the obsession of being blamed by parents or others. But Tina is different, little girl Independent, confident, firm in the face of challenges because behind her mother always shows mistakes and how to overcome them.

Many mothers have behaved like May’s mother. When the baby trot does something wrong, he will criticize and scold him. However, this action will make the child more stressed, afraid and not learn anything for himself.

When I make a mistake, how should I criticize? Why do some children still refuse to admit fault when being criticized by their parents? In fact, this condition may be due to inappropriate criticism from parents.

The daughter unfortunately spilled soda on her clothes, the handling of the two mothers made two different lives - Photo 1.

Don’t criticize your child in anger

Sometimes, children’s mistakes make parents extremely angry. Parental temper, if left unchecked, will lead to negative results. This can have an adverse effect on you and your children.

At this time, it is best for parents to put aside the problem, try to relax themselves and then choose the appropriate way to criticize and educate their children after being calm.

Do not criticize children in public

Children are also independent individuals with their own personality and self-esteem. If parents criticize their children in public, it will easily make them rebellious. Even if your child knows he made a mistake, but due to his self-esteem, he will fight back by all means, even crying or tantrums.

When children misbehave in public, parents can use suggestive actions or expressions such as frowning, gesturing to remind their children. You can also graciously point out your child’s mistakes and encourage him to admit his mistakes, which will not only help him understand the point of view of right and wrong, but also help him build self-esteem and confidence.

Don’t repeat old mistakes over and over

When some parents criticize their children, they often say: ”You made the same mistake this time as last time, don’t you remember how embarrassed we were back then”. This type of criticism can easily hurt a child’s self-esteem. The correct approach should be to correct the child’s current behavior instead of criticizing previous shortcomings.

Pay attention to words

First, parents can describe their child’s inappropriate behavior, express how they feel about it, and make the right request. For example, when you throw a banana peel on the floor, tell your child: ”Dear, I am afraid that someone will step on it and fall, I think you should immediately throw it in the trash, that’s okay. are not?”.

When children correct their mistakes, parents should encourage them

When your child has tried to correct the mistake, encourage and encourage him to know he is doing the right thing. Besides, it also encourages children to develop. Never take your child for granted what is right. Children will be very happy if their parents acknowledge their efforts.

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