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Unusual surprise in Syria

According to the South Front, the situation Syria suddenly strangely quiet after many hot events in recent days. The most notable events are summarized as follows:

– The Russian Ministry of Defense has not recorded any aggression or violation of the ceasefire in the Idlib region in the past 24 hours;

– On April 13, 2 civilians were killed and 1 other injured in a sudden shooting on al-Jalaa road in the city of Idlib;

– Syrian civilians stopped a US military convoy while trying to pass through the Hamo village area.

Before that, in the last few days, the Syrian war continuously recorded fierce battles between the Syrian Army (SAA) and ISIS terrorists in the desert areas. In order to support the SAA to hunt down IS, Russian fighter jets flew out quite rapidly, providing strong firepower.

On April 9, Israel conducted an air raid on Hama province, the targets of which were military research facilities, air defense sites, and defense factories of the Syrian Army.

Satellite images show that Israel seems to have achieved its goal when causing a lot of damage to the SAA’s facilities.

Latest war developments: Unusual surprises in Syria - Photo 2.

Map updated war until the end of April 13, 2022.


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