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Warning malicious code can control Android phones remotely

According to experts, malicious code Octo is developed from ExoCompact – a variant based on the Exo trojan.

Notably, this malicious code allows hackers to control a user’s device remotely, including the ability to block notifications, turn off sounds, block or send messages to specific phone numbers, launch apps, etc. use any, lock screen…

Once the malicious code is activated, the hacker can control the device remotely through the accessibility service and MediaProjection on the Android operating system.

By creating a black screen overlay, setting the brightness to 0 and activating “do not disturb” mode to turn off notifications, malicious code can completely hide nefarious activities on people’s devices. use. From there, hackers can perform all operations on the device without the user’s knowledge.

Experts said that this type of malware can also disable the Google Protect protection feature on the Play Store app store. This allows hackers to install malicious code into a variety of apps and distribute them through Google’s app store.

According to experts’ warnings, a number of applications containing Octo malware have been detected including: Pocket Screencaster, Fast Cleaner 2021, Play Store, Postbank Security, Pocket Screencaster, BAWAG PSK Security, Play Store app install.

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