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What animal has a very wide mouth but can’t say a word?

Puzzle solving is proven to be one of the best ways to stimulate the brain. Not only are these exercises fun, but they also promote mental health because both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated. Recent studies also show that puzzles will help older adults maintain brain activity at 10 years younger.

Vietnamese with metaphors, synonyms, and homonyms used on many different objects sometimes makes many people “eat the trick” when solving trick questions. For example, a question that once made netizens “dumb” too much because it was extremely confusing: “In Vietnam, what knows if there is a lot of loss but people still sell it?”. If you rummage through your memory to find a special object in the sense that LOOK is… LOL then… condolences, you will surely be disappointed. Because the answer is actually a type of word puzzle. In a word, the loss in the question above is not a loss of capital, a loss, but a loss in a hole.

Vietnamese quiz: What animal has a very wide mouth but can't say a word?  When I heard the question, I found it AMAZING, the answer was surprisingly simple - Photo 1.


Now, test your agility with the following quiz:

What animal has a very wide mouth but can’t say a word?

Similarly, if you think that CON here is an animal, then you certainly won’t be able to answer. The answer is also children, but not related to animals but… RIVER. The mouth of the river is very large, but it is clear that it never cries.

River is a regular and steady flow of water, most rivers will empty into the great ocean. The place where a river empties into a lake, larger river or ocean is called its mouth. In some special cases, rivers can flow underground. Others have dry surfaces until they reach another area where water is present (aqueduct).

It can be said that rivers are an extremely important part of the circulation of a water system. Rivers not only act as a collection of water, but also as an intermediary to transfer water out to the ocean.

Rivers are too familiar to everyone’s childhood. However, not everyone is “awake” enough to recognize the answer to this trick puzzle, right? an-qua-don-gian-20220413192846627.chn

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