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When my wife and I were about to sell our house to pay our debt, the maid asked for a price

For many years now, my life has been like a queen. My salary goes to work only to buy clothes. My children attend the International School. House has helperevery day I don’t have to touch anything in the house.

A month ago, my husband suddenly talked about the business failure, the creditor demanded aggressively. If left for a long time, the mother’s interest and the child’s interest will not be able to pay. My husband’s words really freaked me out.

Living in luxury, how can my mother and I suffer? How can I face everyone’s pitying gazes? I cried for a week straight.

2 pieces of land and the whole saving money of the family have to pay the debt. Thought that was enough, but my husband said there was still another 5 billion missing. Because we didn’t want to sell our house, my wife and I borrowed from our grandparents and friends. For a week, salt faces begged for help, but we only borrowed more than 200 million.

Everyone knew that my husband’s business was ruined, so no one dared to lend, because they were afraid that we would not have the money to pay. To this last step, my wife and I had to sell house to pay debt.

At dinner, we told the maid that from the next day we wouldn’t need any more workers. My husband honestly said he would sell the house in a few days to pay off the debt. Suddenly, Ms. Huong asked how much to sell?

I angrily said: “I’m a maid, do you have money to ask such nonsense, are you going to take my family’s business to trade?”. My husband indifferently distributed a price of 6 billion, no more, no less.

Huong asked again and again and every time my husband said the same price. Unexpectedly, she said that if I buy that price, my husband cannot change the price. Given that Huong has no money, my husband said that if she wants to buy, just transfer 1 billion in advance, when the procedure is completed, she will pay it.

Immediately, Ms. Huong took the phone and transferred 1 billion to my husband. Looking at that amount of money, my wife and I built our faces. Why does she have so much money?

Huong said a few years ago Birth parents for a land rate and sold 10 billion. So much money, why do you go to work as a maid? She said she loved my children so much that she wanted to be close to them every day. A few days ago, she knew that my wife and I wanted to sell our house, so she had already reserved money in her account.

Maybe we sold it for too cheap, so Huong closed it. I told my husband to cancel the contract to sell the house or ask for a higher price. However, her husband believes that he is a person who must keep his faith, not to be turned upside down, petty person.

According to everyone, what should I do to get Huong to pay more for us? This house in front of 6 billion is really cheap!

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