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Who will become the new bare-faced goddess?

Bare face is a challenge that makes many girls falter, even shake their heads when asked to participate. However, in another development, it is also a weapon to prove the natural beauty of many girls. Yes, without lipstick, there will be a few sharp parts missing, some amazing parts, but in return, many people are still confident when they can show off their flawless skin, or big, deep eyes. simply a standard nose bridge.

So what about the bare face for the beauty pageant contestants who are storming the internet? The beauty contest is sure that everyone is beautiful, but without relying on makeup, which of them will confidently “fight” and shine, and who will reveal their flaws?

Nguyen Phuong Nhi (SN 2002) from Thanh Hoa is a beautiful girl who is floating at the Miss World Vietnam 2022 playground. She is even dubbed the new “billionaire fairy” after Doan Hai My – Van’s girlfriend. Queen.

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Originally pretty and gentle, in a completely bare face, Phuong Nhi still looked radiant and full of life and returned to her 20s.

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Phuong Nhi’s “heavyweight” opponent at Miss World is none other than Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong – a beautiful girl who participated in the Miss Vietnam contest 2 years ago.

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At that time, Mai Phuong was famous as the “goddess of bare face”, so it is clear that this no-makeup challenge could not be difficult for her.

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Nguyen Khanh Linh – 100% pure Vietnamese beautiful girl But possessing a very Western beauty is also a factor that is noticed at this year’s Miss World Vietnam.

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Even without makeup, Khanh Linh still impresses with her sharp face and flawless skin.

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Held almost parallel to Miss World Vietnam 2022 is the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 contest – the convergence of a series of impressive faces and more or less familiar to netizens. Rich kid Thao Nhi Le is one of them.

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It can be seen that the bare face of Vietnamese girls in the top 100 most beautiful faces in the world is like most people when there are also dark circles and acne. However, in general, the beauty of the beauty without makeup is still very radiant.

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Before participating in Miss Universe 2022, the girl “Ete” Pham Dieu Linh had experience in fighting in a series of other competitions such as The Face, Miss Vietnam 2020…

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Without makeup, Dieu Linh looks no longer sharp, charismatic as usual, even revealing a slightly long face defect, but many people think that such a girl seems friendly and younger.

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edit pham dieu linh 16013648081321894911369 164995293595399376718

Will confront Dieu Linh and Thao Nhi Le directly in the near future Vu Thuy Quynh – 24-year-old beauty from Dien Bien.

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It is impossible not to say that without the help of cosmetics, Thuy Quynh’s beauty is significantly reduced. However, in return, she received many compliments for her beautiful facial features and dreamy smooth skin.

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The appearance of hot girl Ngoc Mint at this year’s contest is also extremely desirable when she has long been famous for her extremely Western charm.

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ngocmintmint2423167558886244353883037053543488014155728n 16499534563431288400287

It is noteworthy that Ngoc Mint’s rustic beauty did not disappoint people. Without cosmetic help, Ngoc Mint lacks a few sharp features but adds a lot of gentleness and tenderness.

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Photo: Synthesis

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