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Why is iPhone 13 made in India good news?-Hi-tech fashion

Thursday, April 14, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Apple is moving some iPhone 13 production to India, a move that could boost the entire smartphone industry.

As a result of the global pandemic, Apple has been working to diversify its supply chain, moving some of its production outside of China. While the company already produces some older models in India, moving some iPhone 13 production there will help improve production to compete with rivals.

Why is iPhone 13 made in India good news?  - first

Although Apple’s market share is shrinking due to the Android ecosystem, it is still one of the largest private manufacturers and continues to dominate certain segments of the industry. Wherever Apple sets up manufacturing plants, an entire ecosystem of support companies and skilled workers springs up.

China has always been Apple’s top manufacturing hub, thanks to that it’s Foxconn’s home country. However, Apple has been working to reduce its dependence on one country or region. India is a good choice as it already has a tech-focused workforce. The production of the first iPhone 13 in India is also seen as a way for Apple to promote the existing manufacturing ecosystem.

Talking about the importance of this ecosystem and why China is of great interest to the company, CEO Tim Cook said: “The products we make require really advanced tooling and precision. the precision that the place has to have, the tools and working with the materials that we’re working on. And skills to use specialized tools. In the US, we may have a meeting of tooling engineers, but it is unlikely that the number can fill the room. But in China, they can fill many football fields.”

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As Apple’s iPhone production in India increases, the country’s ecosystem of expertise, talent, and technology will continue to grow. This will help SamsungGoogle and others have a production area that can match China in both quality and quantity.

In turn, a diversified supply chain will help the industry avoid the shortages that have occurred over the past few years and get equipment into the hands of customers much faster.

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