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4 simple ways to catch natural light in a small house, tube house

According to Thespruce, here are 4 ways to increase natural light for your home house friend

Install a skylight on the ceiling

Skylights are an extremely effective way to attract natural light. In fact, skylights are often referred to as windows to the roof. This window has many areas, sizes, facing up to get light from the sun.

It is recommended to cover the skylight with a light-colored plastic sheet or glass to both get natural light and cover the rain and wind on bad weather days. house friend.

4 ways to increase

The skylight is a vertical space from the roof to the first floor. Photo: Unsplash

Paint the walls and ceiling white

White is the brightest color and the color that makes your living space house become bright, spacious and less outdated.

Painting walls and ceilings white or another light color is an easy way to add more light, and rightfully so.

Most ceilings are white for a reason white ceilings create width for space: White color visually will give the viewer a feeling of freshness, coolness, comfort, in addition. Painting the ceiling white makes the space meaningful house become larger and more open.

4 ways to increase

White is always the brightest color, and painting the walls white is an effective way to make a space appear brighter and larger. Photo Unspalsh

Replace brick walls with glass blocks

Have you seen his kitchen? house, has the owner designed the wall behind the cooking area with blue glass blocks, as small as a brick? That is the way to take advantage of natural light for the kitchen, especially the kitchen that lacks light for those house tube in the city.

With this approach, the kitchen space in house Not only is it more beautiful and luxurious, but the most important thing is that the kitchen has natural light, helping to reduce electricity bills for homeowners.

Also with this design, the homeowner can replace the brick wall with another glass block anywhere in the house (if desired).

Expand the door frames of house

Expanding the size of the door frames (windows, doors) is the simplest way to let natural light into the interior. house. The wider the door, the more light and wind come in.

This is a more economical method than building a skylight, but homeowners also need to pay attention to arrange the door system in reasonable positions, avoiding places with strong sunlight.

4 ways to increase

The more open the door, the more natural light will enter the house. Photo: Unspash

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