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5 living habits that make the body’s yang decrease, weak people, easy to get sick

Chinese medicine often compares yang qi to life. In the document “Hoang Di Noi Kinh” there are many records of yang qi of the body, in which water is yin, fire is yang, considering “positive yang is heaven, yin is earth”… According to this view All things in the world are composed of yin and yang, in which yang is the invisible element, the energy source of human life.

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Balancing yin and yang in the body is very important. (Illustration)

Insufficient yang qi does what harm to the body?

Lack of yang makes the body cold, evident in the lack of warmth in the hands and feet. The body does not have enough yang energy, even though the climate is cool, I have seen thorns and spikes, wearing many clothes still feels cold. Under the same temperature, some people feel comfortable, others feel very cold.

A person who lacks yang in the body will be very weak, sluggish, lack of energy, lifeless face, pale lips. Being always tired makes you not want to exercise, often feeling sleepy and back pain. In addition, the lack of yang will make the body weak, the immunity will be reduced, it will be difficult to fight bacteria and viruses from the outside, so it is easy to get various diseases.

How to add yang qi to the body?

Working and resting alternately and regularly is the basis for replenishing yang energy, according to Oriental medicine. Scientific sleep is the key to yang qi. The best time to sleep is the time of the Pig to the Ox (from 9pm to 3am). In the law of yin and yang, yin is equivalent to night, yang qi is equivalent to day, yin and yang circulation is done during sleep, so when you sleep, the body is charged with energy. If you do not get enough sleep, on time, the yang qi in your body is damaged, making you sick.

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People who lack yang often feel sluggish and tired. (Illustration)

Exercising to increase yang qi in the body is also very helpful. The exercise “Ngu Cam Hi” – a nourishing exercise of the Chinese god Hua Tuo helps to improve the function of the five organs, based on simulating the movements of tigers, deer, bears, monkeys, birds… to help blood circulation. , do not cause disease. However, the exercise should be moderate, not excessive, especially for people with low blood pressure, because kinetic energy generates yang qi, but also consumes yang qi.

Oriental medicine also notes that you should eat and drink less cold foods to strengthen yang. In the summer, most of us like to eat, drink cold drinks, take cold showers, lie down with too low a temperature… very harmful to the body, especially the spleen and stomach, making the body tired. , weight loss, diarrhea… Therefore, you should eat warm, hot food, take a cool bath in the summer. Long-term cold bathing will lead to cold penetration, which consumes positive energy in the body. If you feel cold, it is very beneficial to practice the habit of soaking your feet before going to bed.

In addition, excessive mental stress or prolonged negative emotions causes the positive energy in the body to decrease. Therefore, you should keep an optimistic and happy spirit, so that yang energy will be more abundant.

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