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6 reasons why indoor plants die

April 15, 2022 15:15 GMT+7

Growing indoor plants is good for health, beautiful space, but improper care will cause the newly bought tree to be planted for a while and then wilt.

Trees do not die naturally. In fact, houseplants often die for a number of common and preventable reasons.

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Too much water

Overwatering is a very common mistake that people often make. Even tropical plants do not need daily watering. When you see that the top layer of soil is completely dry or the leaves are drooping, you need to water the plants.

Poor drainage system

Irrigation and drainage are so closely related, it’s hard to tell the difference between them, but there’s no doubt that poor drainage will kill a lot of plants.

Poor drainage is when water is trapped at the bottom of the pot, causing the roots to become waterlogged and easy to die. This is easy to happen if you put the dish under the pot without emptying the excess water after watering. Soil that is too tight or pots without drainage holes can also lead to this condition.

To avoid waterlogged plants, choose well-draining pots like terracotta pots and a well-drained soil mix. Don’t forget, only water when the plant is thirsty.

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Do not repot plants

Most gardeners will plant a tree for a year or two, during which time it thrives and looks great, but then weakens for no reason. In many cases, this is because the rooted plant is no longer getting enough nutrients from the soil. Not all plants need to be replanted every year, but you need to regularly check for long-rooted species.

When repotting, change the soil for the plant as well instead of using the old soil. Over time, the soil will become more acidic and difficult to bring water and oxygen to the roots, causing the plant to gradually starve.

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Plants do not have enough water

This situation often appears when the owner neglects the tree. Pay attention to the signs of the plants as well as the weather to adjust the watering frequency.

Fertilizer problem

If you know how to water and drain properly, many plants can be very adaptable. A plant with healthy roots can often survive temperature fluctuations, imperfect light conditions, and even lower-than-ideal light levels.

In this way, plants are like a house: they need a solid foundation to grow. That said, if you can provide the ideal amount of light and fertilizer carefully, your plants will thrive.

Planting trees in unsuitable weather conditions

Each plant has a different weather condition, not all beautiful plants can be grown indoors. With sun-loving plants like succulents that you grow in low light conditions like indoors, of course the tree will die quickly or become bad.

Or with plants that like cool weather, but in your house too cellar, too mysterious, making the tree weak to death. Another reason that few people think about for homeowners who use air conditioners, turning off and on the air conditioner many times makes the weather erratic, causing the tree to suffer heat shock and die.

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