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Artist Dieu Huong combines Hue singing and electronic music

Excellent artist Dieu Huong made the MV “My love is waiting”, mixing some Hue folk songs in the style of world music, released on April 14.

Artist Dieu Huong combines Hue singing and electronic music

MV “My love is waiting for you”. Video: Characters provided

The singer chose to mash-up three folk songs of Binh Tri Thien – Hue, including: My love is waiting for you, Ly Hoai Nam (Ly passed the pass) and Li horse. Aunt composing the harmonies and arrangements on the basic basis of ethnic instruments such as zither, flute, and erhu, variations through modern rhythm and harmony. In the middle of the MV, Nguyen Thanh Tung raps about the beauty of Hue, with the desire to create a highlight for the mash-up.

During 11 years of researching and performing Hue songs, Dieu Huong struggled to find a way to bring music closer to the audience. Artists choose to mix folk materials with electronic sounds, a popular trend recently. Before debut My love is waiting, She tried to make many other songs but was not satisfied.

In addition to music, the singer invests in choreography, images, and costumes when filming the MV. When making the video in March, the crew faced many difficulties because of the epidemic, had to change the dance team at the last minute because one member had Covid-19. The artist plans to launch a series about Hue songs, mixed in a modern style.

Artist Dieu Huong.  Photo: Character provided

Artist Dieu Huong took pictures at Chem communal house, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi in March, while filming the MV “My love is waiting for you”. Image: Characters provided

Ca Hue is a traditional music genre consisting of ca and lute, which is quite close to a dao singing in many ways. Ca Hue was formed from folk music and court music, having similarities with chamber music, expressed in two major lines, North and South tunes, with over 60 vocal and instrumental works. In 2019, Department of Culture and Sports of Thua Thien Hue province build profilerequesting UNESCO to recognize Hue’s song as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Dieu Huong was born in 1977 in a family with no musical tradition. At the age of 18, she Followed by Quang Tri Province’s Mobile Cultural Communication and Propaganda Team to perform. In 1995, started working at Quang Tri Art Troupe, won four gold medals of the National Professional Performance Festival. In 2001, Dieu Huong competed for Sao Mai and won the Young Promising Singer award.

Since 2011, the artist in charge of Hue folk songs and Central Central classical music of the Voice of Vietnam, has performed many melodies such as “Co Ban”, “Ly hor”, “Pham Tuyet”… May/ 2012, Dieu Huong was awarded the title of Distinguished Artist by the State.

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