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Calling to Dai Nam KDL by Ms. Phuong Hang to protest, young people were summoned

On the morning of April 15, the police station of Tan Uyen Town (Binh Duong) informed that the unit had summoned the subjects who acted on social networks to call for protests at Dai Nam Tourist Area (KDL).

The police said that through the work of grasping the situation in cyberspace, discovered that a personal TikTok account named “@phunguniexport” had posted a video calling for protests right in front of the Dai Nam Tourist Park, by Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang. is the General Manager.

Summoning the object to go online to call for Phuong Hang's Dai Nam resort to protest - Photo 1.

Objects on social networks calling for protests

Tan Uyen town police coordinated with Binh Duong Provincial Police Departments to verify and work with LVP (SN 1990, Dong Thap hometown). Through work, P. admitted to using the above TikTok account to post videos for the purpose of asking for likes.

The Tan Uyen town police made a violation record against P. for the act of “Organizing inciting and inciting others to cause trouble and disrupting public order” with the amount of VND 4,000,000.

Through the above incident, Tan Uyen Town Police recommends that organizations and individuals need to understand the provisions of the law, especially acts in cyberspace, pay attention to spontaneous actions and statements. temporarily pressing or posting untruthful content, inciting strikes, or protesting against the law to get likes and views.

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