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China first recorded nearly 30,000 new cases of COVID-19 / day

Thai Binh – Ngoc Chi (Reporter of Vietnam Television Station residing in China)Friday, April 15, 2022 11:24 GMT+7

City Shanghai continue to be the center of translation COVID-19 in China with 27,800 new cases on April 14.

The number of infections has increased in a row for 12 days, the Shanghai Health Commission expert explained that it was due to extensive testing, the disease was transmitted in a family chain, in which mainly infection with the “stealth Omicron” variant spread. fast and potential. Although no deaths have been recorded, with an aging population, the city government is concerned because there have been a number of serious cases.

Some districts are loosening travel to reduce the load of food and medicine supplies, but most of Shanghai is under a city-wide blockade. Shanghai authorities warned that they would strictly handle cases of blockade violations and called on all people to unite against the epidemic.

China for the first time recorded nearly 30,000 new cases of COVID-19 / day - Photo 1.

Shanghai still imposes a blockade of most of the city. (Photo: AP)

Nearly 50 self-driving cars are being piloted to collect food and deliver goods to 13,000 households in blockade areas to reduce logistical pressure as well as limit the risk of disease spread. Each order is about 5 kg and this practice will be replicated.

More than 40,000 medical workers across China have donated to Shanghai. The National Health Commission of China said that in the coming days, the number of cases will increase because the disease has spread to many localities, and recommended that each province should build 2-3 field hospitals.

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