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Container truck crashes into passenger car on Mimosa pass

Lam DongWhile downhill Mimosa Da Lat, a container truck hit a 16-seat passenger car traveling in the opposite direction, injuring 7 people, at noon on April 15.

The passenger car crumpled on the left hand side.  Photo: Khanh Huong

Passenger car flattened left hip. Image: Khanh Huong

At 11:30 a.m., Nguyen Sy Bao (32 years old, from Khanh Hoa) drove a container truck carrying ceramic tiles from the direction of Lam Dong – Ho Chi Minh City. While hugging the Mimosa Pass, section of Ward 10, Da Lat City, the car hit a passenger car driven by Tran Quoc Loi.

The accident caused the tractor to overturn, the bricks spilled onto the road, and the driver Bao was injured. Passenger car was pushed to the curb, left hip flattened. Six people in the car panicked and called for help. People banged on doors, took the victims out, and transported them to the hospital.

The scene of the accident on the Mimosa Pass.  Photo: Khanh Huong

The scene of the accident at the bend of Mimosa Pass. Image: Khanh Huong

Mimosa Pass route is more than 10 km long, parallel to Prenn Pass connecting with National Highway 20 and is the gateway of Da Lat city. Coming soon, when Prenn Pass closed for repair with a cost of about 500 billion, the vehicles will be channeled through the Mimosa pass.

Phuoc Tuan – Khanh Huong

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