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Container trucks recklessly ‘dodge’ the authorities, making passers-by afraid of ‘blue eyes’

April 15, 2022 10:19 GMT+7

A clip is being shared on social networks, making netizens angry because of the reckless behavior of the container truck driver who constantly swings on the road to fight the authorities.

The clip was recorded by a resident riding a motorbike on the afternoon of April 14 on the Hanoi – Bac Giang highway, passing the Phu Dong bridge towards Bac Giang and Lang Son.

According to the clip, a container truck carrying cargo behind, covered with a green tarpaulin, is unusually traveling on the highway. Despite many cars and motorbikes moving on the road, the driver of the container truck constantly bounces around on the road.

If you look closely, there is a black pickup truck in front of you, pressing close to the front of the car. The people inside the car repeatedly raised sticks to ask the container truck to stop, but the driver still stubbornly moved without stopping.

At the end of the clip, there is an image of the two cars pressing each other while moving at a speed of over 80km/h, making netizens afraid of “blue eyes”.

Container trucks recklessly 'dodge' the authorities, making passers-by afraid of 'blue eyes'
Pictures cut out from the clip

The clip is still attracting and spreading on social networks. Netizens commented:

The car is both long and big and carries a heavy load but deliberately runs. If you touch someone, you will suffer others and your family”;

“Wow. The highway is also so bad. Are you playing with the lives of other people in traffic?”;

“Public vans carrying contraband goods or something like that? You just have to let them go and peel them off for a few years to save them”;

“Too dangerous for road users. Please consider and handle the driver immediately, if caught, he must be prosecuted and set an example for others”;

“But the traffic inspectors don’t have any other measures, doing so is dangerous for road users and for you too”;

“Who chases each other like catching robbers? If people commit violations without stopping, they will take back the number plates and send them to the locality. If they kill people, who will be responsible?”.

Lam Giang; Clip: MXH

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