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Early in the summer, Vietnamese stars load colorful water to keep their shape, from the mother to the beauty queen, everyone loves it

The weather has gradually started to get hotter at the two ends of the South-North bridge, the weather has gradually changed to summer. This is the moment of hot beach trips of women who are addicted to showing off their figure and passionate about fashion. At this point, you can immediately start with a serious exercise regimen to get the body you want. However, for women, besides burning calories at the gym, it is necessary to have a scientific diet.

The amount of calories in less than calories out will be a reasonable formula for weight loss and fat loss. However, for women who have a busy work schedule or have to cut calories deeply, choosing flexible food is a matter of great concern. Look on the personal pages of Vbiz pink balls, you will immediately have the secret to quality eating. Most of the beauties look to juices, smoothies and fresh fruits as smart snacks.

Association of crushing juices and smoothies

Depending on economic conditions, you can buy yourself a juice or smoothie recipe that matches the TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenduture) index – the number of calories that each person’s body needs to take in during the day. If you are a team that likes juicing, the advice of experts is still that you should choose to juice vegetables with a slow juicer to keep the maximum vitamins and nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Early in the summer, Vietnamese stars load colorful water to keep their shape, from the birth mother to the beauty queen - 1

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It wasn’t long before Tang Thanh Ha was born like an unborn person. She freely chooses leggings without worrying about revealing her big belly or thighs. Pink ball works hard to make smoothies for breakfast every day.

The brand-name king’s daughter-in-law mixes a variety of ingredients, the taste is about 6 dishes for 1 cup of smoothies. This variety of mixing is suitable for those who have plenty of time and want to increase the taste and quality of the dish. The ingredients Ha Tang chooses range from premium to affordable such as blueberries, kale, collagen powder to peanut butter, bananas, and dragon fruit.

Early in the summer, Vietnamese stars load colorful water to keep their shape, from the birth mother to the beauty queen - 3

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The brightest contestant The Face Vietnam 2022, despite having a slim body, is still very serious in eating and drinking. Besides salads, her story always shows with attractive colorful juice bottles.

The juice of Bau Krysie (Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Vy) does not have too many expensive ingredients, but in general, it is also very diverse. She chooses common vegetables from many families’ kitchens such as oranges, apples, pineapples, grapefruits, celery, etc. In the summer, the pink ball even adds lettuce to detox.

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The most expensive queen of the show Vbiz at the moment is hard at work running the show, but still doesn’t forget to “defend” herself with 2 bottles of nutritional smoothies.

Luong Thuy Linh Before stepping on the red carpet, it is necessary to have a diet to keep fit and keep your waist in tight dresses. She also intelligently calculates the details of the protein and starch content in a smoothie bottle. The queen said that the total calories of 2 bottles is more than the dinner serving, however, drinking it all is still very light.

BGK Miss World Vietnam 2022 Minh Hang, even though she has mentioned her hash age, is still hot and sexy with a 5Xcm waist and a blooming chest.

She shared that she is passionate about eating, but eats in moderation and diligently exercises. This summer, pink ball suggests a super pretty and nutritious pink juice with combos: beetroot, celery, pineapple, toad.

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Khong Tu Quynh is famous for her attractive body, “burning eyes” curves but very natural and soft. She doesn’t often post pictures of checking in to the gym, but she often posts food and drinks. The beauty seems to be a fan of smoothies. The food is delicious and very healthy.

Association of fresh fruit and vegetables

If juices and smoothies are easy to drink and eat but a bit difficult to measure the macros index, eating fresh, swallowing raw is a bit cumbersome, but full for a long time and easier to calculate.

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The beauty of Thanh expressed interest in raw food, which is bell peppers. The fruit has a slightly pungent smell, however, for those who like to eat it raw, it is very sweet and leaves a good aftertaste. The fruit has many colors, the darker the color, the more vitamin A.

Do Thi Ha returned after the Top 13 Miss World 2021 is a busy face running the North-South show to fulfill her responsibility. Pink ball inspires many young girls about their arduous journey but still ensures to keep their shape. From a straight 3-round figure, Do Thi Ha’s curves like today are a great effort.

Early in the summer, Vietnamese stars load colorful water to keep their shape, from the birth mother to the beauty queen - 4

Hari Won is interested in star fruit – the gift of summer days.

However, you should not follow Hari Won’s diet when she eats a bit… unscientific. Beautiful people eat different time zones of the digestive system. Although not sharing the entire meal, but if you only eat star fruit for dinner, it is completely lacking in nutrients. Sweet star fruit has more calories than sour star fruit, you need to measure the amount before eating.

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