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FLC Group was sold off mortgage stocks

BOS Securities Company today announced the sale of 8 million HAI shares owned by FLC Group.

BOS Securities Company said, the number of shares expected to sell off the mortgage is the estimated number at the time of information disclosure. In fact, it may be less or more because the market price changes the value of the collateral, or because the account holder adds collateral to meet the margin trading ratio.

Usually, a securities company sells mortgages of shares when investors (individuals or organizations) use financial leverage and the stock price falls below the threshold allowed by the securities company but the investor has not yet paid more. money. The sale of this mortgage is to recover the money that the securities company has lent to investors.

FLC Group owns 23.11 million shares, equivalent to 12.65% of HAI Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (stock code: HAI) before the mortgage sale.

The move to sell off the mortgage was made by BOS Securities when HAI stock quickly jumped from 6,800 dong to 4,750 dong, a loss of 30% since former FLC Chairman Trinh Van Quyet was arrested until now.

In today’s mortgage sale session, HAI reduced its range to 4,550 dong per share and matched orders of more than 6.16 million shares.

BOS Securities and HAI are both companies in the ecosystem of FLC Group. Ms. Huong Tran Kieu Dung, Vice President of FLC was formerly Chairman of BOS Securities. Ms. Bui Hai Huyen, General Director of FLC is currently a member of HAI’s Board of Directors.


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