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Graphics cards are discounted but still sluggish

Contrary to last year’s thirst, the price of graphics cards is now continuously falling but few people are buying because cryptocurrency miners are not scaling.

Almost a month after discount graphics cards However, the purchasing power at retail systems in Vietnam is still not as expected. Mr. Minh Tuan, a representative of a large IT company in Ho Chi Minh City, said that compared to last year, the shopping demand of users has decreased sharply.

“This time last year, the graphics card was in a rush, customers who wanted to buy had to make a deposit a month in advance to have the goods. This year the goods are available on the shelves, the price is tens of millions of dong, but there are still no customers,” Mr. Tuan said.

This market picture is in stark contrast to more than half a year ago. During last year’s graphics card thirst, resellers and miners were willing to buy at high prices, even without after-sales policy or warranty. Gamers almost have no chance to win in race to buy cards. In China, some cryptocurrency miners even drove trucks straight to the gates of graphics card factories in Guangdong and other places to pick up goods, blocking supply to the market.

Hoang Quan, a user in Dong Nai, thinks that the price of the card is now much lower than the peak in mid-2021, but the reality is still high compared to the manufacturer’s suggested selling price, so he decided not to buy it right away. “For example, the GTX 1660 Super model is being reduced by 36% to 10.9 million. Compared to when the price was pushed to 17-18 million, this is the dream number of many gamers. However, compared With the period before the graphics card fever took place, the price of a VGA card was still 2-5 million VND more expensive, depending on the model,” Quan said.

Graphics card prices have been continuously decreasing since the beginning of 2022. Source: 3DCenter

Graphics card prices have been continuously decreasing since the beginning of 2022. Source: 3DCenter

According to Mr. Quan, many people in his gaming group said they will continue to wait until the card is close to the manufacturer’s selling price. “Everyone has been waiting for more than a year, so it’s not a problem to wait a few more weeks. Card prices may continue to fall, so ordinary users like me have not yet paid down,” Mr. Quan said.

According to Mr. Tuan, another reason for the decrease in the purchasing power of graphics cards is that the demand for cryptocurrency miners is no longer as great as before. Rumors about Ethereum network merge and the bad news that tens of millions of graphics cards are at risk cover the mat making the market even more gloomy.

Not only in Vietnam market, in China, card prices are also falling sharply but still sluggish. Sina quoted user Ah Hao as saying: “On many e-commerce sites, the price of cards is plunging like an avalanche. The gaming community will not be caught up in this sale, we continue ‘ waiting party’ until the next adjustments are made”. According to Sinaacross all groups of gamers, “waiting” card discounts are getting bigger and bigger.

“Unlike cryptocurrency miners, ordinary users and gamers have been used to the shortage of goods for a year. Only those who need it urgently will buy now, the rest continue to wait for a more reasonable price.” , Huang Yang, a longtime graphics card dealer in Shenzhen told Sina.

Many graphics card business people in Shenzhen are also worried that the worst scenario of late 2018 may return. If the graphics card is no longer used to mine cryptocurrencies, millions of miners could be dumped and sold for scrap. Not to mention after banning cryptocurrency mining farms, there are still millions of Bitcoin miners stuck in China.

In the West, card prices have been steadily declining since the beginning of this year. However, the statistics of 3DCenter The average AMD card price is still 45% higher than the manufacturer’s suggested price (MSRP) last month. Meanwhile, Nvidia’s card is about 57% higher than MSRP.

“It is highly likely that the price of cards will continue to decrease as gamers continue to wait. Then speculators, profiting from the graphics card fever will have to sell them cheaply, even at a loss.” Tech Radar quoted Jon Peddie, head of Jon Peddie Research.

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