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Having billions in hand after one night thanks to the feverish countryside

Ms. Tran Thi Hoa (Thach That, Hanoi) is an agricultural worker with a meager income, only a few million VND/month. The whole family of 4 lives in a four-story house of about 60 square meters, built 10 years ago. The house is old, the paint is peeling, the walls of the house are peeling in many places.

In November 2021, after many times someone came to bid to buy an agricultural land of more than 1,000 m2, Ms. Hoa decided to sell it for 3.85 billion VND.

Having billions in hand after one night thanks to the feverish countryside - 1

Many farmers got rich from fever in the countryside. (Illustrated image).

Ms. Hoa said that in May 2021, someone bid for this land more than 1 billion VND, but she did not sell it because she was growing vegetables on it. “My family has grown vegetables for many years and brought them to the market to sell, so if I sold the land, I would have no more vegetables to sell, so even though they enthusiastically bought it, I still wouldn’t sell it.“, Mrs. Hoa said.

In September 2021, another customer asked to buy this land for VND 2.5 billion, but Ms. Hoa still wanted to keep the land for growing vegetables.

In November 2021, because the house was too dilapidated, the land price increased again, so Ms. Hoa decided to sell the land for 3.85 billion VND.

Ms. Hoa also said that from the end of 2020 to the end of 2021, many investors came to buy agricultural land in Thach That, the land price therefore increased very quickly. At the end of 2020, the price of agricultural land here is only about a few hundred thousand VND/m2, but now the price of beautiful lots, wide frontage, located on a large road, is from 3 – 4 million VND/m2, worse plots are also expensive. 2 – 3 million VND/m2.

After receiving enough money to sell the land, Mrs. Hoa and her husband spent more than 1 billion VND to build a new 3-storey house, the rest of the money she deposited in savings and took a small part to open a grocery store to make a living.

Even if I had a dream, I would not have thought that my agricultural land would be sold for several billion dong“, shared Mrs. Hoa.

According to Ms. Hoa, this plot of land, after returning to the new owner for about 2 months, was sold to another person for 4.3 billion VND.

I don’t understand why people like buying agricultural land so much, in a short time, the price has doubled, tripled“, said Mrs. Hoa.

Mrs. Hoa’s story is just one of many stories of unexpected changes when the land fever passed. The plots of land that seemed to be just “for” children to set up a career in the countryside, to plant fruit trees … have turned into “golden inch” bringing about billions of profits for families. For many farmers, that’s enough old-age savings to make them “retire” with confidence.

The fever in the periphery has been going on for many years, but it has become especially hot in the last 2 years when new trends appear during the epidemic season.

The website Batdongsan.com.vn in mid-2021 provided analysis, saying that the wave of “leaving the city to go home” of a part of workers during the epidemic season has made the land segment for home gardens, farms and vacations. suburban care becomes a bright spot.

Lands with natural advantages on the edge of Hanoi such as Van Canh, Ba Vi, Hoa Lac, Soc Son, Quoc Oai, Son Tay, Xuan Mai… are still interested by many people to buy and trade. At some point, the price of this type increased 2-7% within 1-2 months.

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