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Honoring a series of information technology applications and products at the 16th Vietnamese Talent Award

The Vietnam Talent Award has been held since 2004 with the original goal of finding and honoring Vietnamese talents in the field of Information Technology. After 16 seasons of continuous expansion and development, up to now, Dat Viet Talent has become the largest and most prestigious award in Vietnam with important fields of Information Technology, Applied Science and Technology. Application, Medicine, Environment, and Study Promotion Award – Self-study.

Honoring a series of information technology applications and products at the 16th Vietnamese Talent Award - Photo 1.

Mr. Huy Nguyen (3rd from left to right), Technology Director of Kardia Chain, and a team of talented judges from Dat Viet with a “terrible” record in the fields of technology (Photo: Huu Nghi).

The Dat Viet Talent Award has honored hundreds of scientific works and technological products, becoming a solid launch pad for hundreds of products to be put into practice, develop and expand the market. This is a proud journey not only of the efforts, of dreams, of the desire to dedicate to scientific discovery, but also of the responsibility and mission of the predecessors to inspire the next generations.

In the field of Information Technology, there were nearly 300 contested products by nearly 300 author groups, keeping pace with the strong trend of digital transformation, contributing to the creation of smart products and applications. serving the development of the digital economy.

Among the information technology products that have been honored to receive the Vietnamese Talent Award, there are many products that continue to win other international awards and thrive, reaching out to the world market. Many products have multi-million dollar sales, used by many countries. Over the years, the Vietnam Talent Award has honored leading scientists in Vietnam with outstanding works in the fields of Medicine, Environment, Science and Technology.

Accordingly, excellently surpassing 16 competitors in the IT field of the 16th Vietnamese Talent Award, Be officially became the owner of the only first prize in the 16th season.

Honoring a series of information technology applications and products at the 16th Vietnam Talent Award - Photo 2.

The ride-hailing app Be won the 16th Vietnamese Talent First Prize (Photo: Nguyen Nguyen).

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the car-hailing and delivery industry is considered one of the “hot” industries in not only Vietnam, but also in many countries around the world. This is also the leading competitive field, especially in Southeast Asia, when it sees many big players like Grab, and formerly Uber.

The second prize in the field of IT – Success went to akaBot – a business process automation (RPA) platform. Author: FPT Software Co., Ltd.

Second Prize in Information Technology – Prospect Award, including:

– Artificial intelligence switchboard virtual assistant platform (AI Call Center Virtual Assistant Platform).

– OLLI smart speaker integrated virtual assistant MAIKA.

Third Prize in Information Technology – Success Award, including:

– Device management platform ONE Telco Platform – by the author group of Post and Telecommunication Industry Technology Joint Stock Company (VNPT Technology)

– 1Office – The overall business management platform – of the author group of 1Office Company.

Third Prize in Information Technology – Prospect Award, including:

– Code learning system software – Codelearn – of the author group FPT Software.

– Smart home solution ONE Home – by the author group of Post and Telecommunications Industry Technology Joint Stock Company (VNPT Technology).

– – Blockchain platform for information traceability along the value chain – by the author group of Vietnam Blockchain Joint Stock Company.

Meanwhile, the first prize in the field of Medicine and Pharmacy is the project “Application of heart transplantation technique from brain-dead multi-organ donor at Cho Ray Hospital – Cho Ray Hospital” – representative of the author group: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Quyet Tien – Former Deputy Director of Cho Ray Hospital – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

The Science and Technology Award honors the research, design, and manufacture of a synchronous equipment line system for industrial-scale maize seed processing, saving energy and being environmentally friendly.

Environmental Resources Award honors:

– Scientific project Building a map of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in Ho Chi Minh City, proposing solutions to build a low-carbon city.

– Scientific work: “Wastewater treatment technology by aquarium covered with new flora of Brachiaria mutica”, concentrated industrial park wastewater treatment solution towards sustainable development.

Study Encouragement Award – Successful self-study awarded to: Author Dang Ngoc Toan was honored with the project of Inventing a system for drying young rice plants for export.

Author Huynh Ngoc Mung was honored with the project of the invention of an essential oil extraction machine for household use.

Notable milestones of Vietnamese Talents after 16 years:

2005 – 2008: Information Technology Sector.

2009: Expanding the Field of Natural Sciences.

In 2010: Expand the field of Medicine.

In 2013: Expand the Environmental Sector.

Year 2014: Expand the award category for mobile IT application products.

In 2017: Expand the system of start-up IT products.

In 2018: Double prize value. The first prize is worth 200 million VND.

In 2019: The first time to receive the tests in the form of ideas.

In 2020: Collapsed into 2 product groups “Successful IT” and “Promising IT Startup and Digital Transformation”.

The 16th Vietnam Talent Award is sponsored by: Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations.

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