“Hunting” seabass at Silver Island

“Hunting” season seabass From March to June of the lunar calendar, this is the south wind season, the sea blows a lot of wind, is also the time when seabass is active in many areas near the shore.

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In the early afternoon, Fishermen will take advantage of visiting the net, mainly to check the net, to avoid the case of the net being tangled.

Mr. Huynh Viet Hung (Ba Hung), 61 years old, Kinh Hon Bac hamlet, Khanh Binh Tay commune, is one of the fishermen who have been with the profession of “hunting” seabass for 20 years.

Mr. Ba Hung said: “In the bad season, we go fishing abroad, when the season is over, we go fishing… And when the south wind comes, we start the profession of “hunting” seabass. This profession is also quite safe because the mesh has a diameter of about 18 cm, so they mainly catch large fish, averaging 4.5 kg/fish or more. Besides seabass, some other large sized fish are also caught in nets”.

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This season, fishermen visit seabass nets at around 2 am, this is the first time when the water is low, so the fish will be active in the shoal area where the fishermen have set up their nets.

Starting early in the morning, some fishermen bring their nets to the sea, depending on the water, people will visit the nets at different times. In most of this season, people visit the net at around 2pm, last until dawn and bring fish to sell in the early market.

Mr. Ba Hung has about 350 m of net (divided into 7 flags) spread beside the island. “I visit the net and watch how to make it right at the head of the big water and at the head of the low water, because this is the time when seabass hunt a lot. Especially, on days when the sea is more rough, the nets are more fish,” he shared. shall.

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The joy of Mr. Ba Hung (left) when harvesting big seabass.

In addition to seabass, fishermen can catch some other fish such as bream, shark, flea… of large size. Seabass sold to the barn at different prices depending on the type, 5 kg fish / fish costs about 60,000 VND / kg, and fish weighing 7 kg / fish or more costs about 75,000 VND / kg.

Mr. Phan Van Dung (King Hon Bac hamlet, Khanh Binh Tay commune), trader, said: “There are very few people who fish for seabass here, because of the high danger when the waves are strong and windy, they stick with the fishing industry. The profession is also about passion.Every day some fishermen catch 2-3 fish, when they are lucky there will be more fish.This profession also helps fishermen increase their income to prepare fishing gear for sea trips. Upcoming”.

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