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Israel successfully tested anti-aircraft laser weapon system

The “Iron Ray” laser-based air defense system during a test in Southern Israel, March 2022. (Photo: The Times of Israel)

This system laser weapon air defense system jointly produced by the Israel Defense Ministry’s Arms Research and Development Unit and two domestic weapons manufacturers, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Elbit Systems, and is designed to intercept unmanned aerial vehicles. drones, missiles, and other aerial threats such as mortars and missiles.

According to the Israeli Defense Ministry, after these tests, Israel has become “one of the first countries in the world to successfully develop high-intensity laser technology capable of interception”.

Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz wrote on Twitter: “Today marks the first time that an Israeli-made high-intensity laser system has successfully intercepted different targets, making a breakthrough. worldwide”.

Israel successfully tested an anti-aircraft laser weapon system - Photo 1.

Israel claims to have tested a laser defense system against UAVs, mortars and missiles. (Photo: Israel Ministry of Defense)

The official added that Israel’s goal is to develop an “effective, inexpensive and innovative” weapon system and put it on active duty “as soon as possible”.

Meanwhile, Yaniv Rotem, director of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Arms Research and Development Unit, confirmed that the laser weapon system “is a game changer due to its ease of operation and benefits.” economically significant position”.

This laser weapon system is an effective addition to the country’s multi-stage air defense system, which includes the short-range “Iron Dome” air defense system, the medium-range air defense system, the Israeli Defense Ministry said. – ranged “David’s Slingshot” and ranged system “Arrow 3”.

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