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‘Love comes back on a sunny day’ has a scene that covers the rain exactly like the movie ‘Buddhist heart’

On the evening of April 13, Love the sunny day Episode 39 aired in anticipation of a large number of TV viewers. Just like the previous “teasing” information, Van Trang returned the memorabilia ring to her biological mother, Mrs. Nhung (People’s Artist Minh Hoa) and roamed the streets in the rain.

Van Trang cried for all the hopes that had turned into disappointment, bitterness, and broken pieces in her restless heart. At that moment, Duy (Dinh Tu) caught up with “beautiful sister”, covered Trang from the rain, then quietly went home with her without saying a word.

It is noteworthy that after this episode was broadcast, actor Dinh Tu suddenly shared the similarity between the rain cover scene in Vietnam. Love the sunny day with the scene of Tu A Ca (Ngo Ky Long) covering the rain for Nhuoc Hy (Luu Thi Thi) in a once-popular work. Scarlet heart. In Moon Lovers – remake made by Korea, four princes Wang So (Lee Jun Ki) also did the same thing with Hae Soo (Iu).

Dinh Tu’s comparison photo immediately received the response of a large number of netizens, friends and colleagues. Among these is actress Quynh Nga. The “crocodile king” girl pointed out the only unreasonable point that Duy should have brought along a coat. In response, Dinh Tu humorously replied that he was going to do the same, but it was not suitable for the context.

Talking specifically about the difficulties when filming this scene, in the new video posted on his own Youtube channel, Phan Minh Huyen said: “My emotional circuit at that time was very sad, disappointed in the moment of deciding to love my mother. This segment was taken from 6 pm to 12 pm. I remember it was extremely cold at that time, I wore very clothes. thin and even walking in the rain.

This scene was filmed not only from one angle but from many angles, the rain effect sometimes has problems… However, no matter what happens, I always have to nurture an emotional circuit throughout so that my psychology is always abundant. . After the filming was over, Dinh Tu and I had to drink ginger tea to warm up, and Tu was also very concerned about my co-star when taking the dryer for me.”

Another character that is also mentioned most by the audience after last night’s episode is Mrs. Nhung. With the rich experience of a veteran artist, People’s Artist Minh Hoa was very successful in transitioning from a harsh state with the enemy to extreme pain when he found out that it was his daughter.

For Ms. Nhung, her motto is “excessive for those in need”. When talking to Duy, she confirmed that she and Trang were not the best souls, so it’s best to put them aside first to avoid trouble. That’s why at the party after the show fashion of Hoang Kim, when Trang falsely stole a diamond-encrusted necklace from a VIP guest, Nhung not only did not protect but also encouraged this person to rummage through Trang’s bag to check.

Realizing that there was no connection between herself and Mrs. Nhung, Trang desperately returned the old memorabilia bracelet to erase all memories, and decided to leave Hoang Kim so that the two of them could remain strangers forever. Listening to Trang’s words, taking out the silver bracelet from her pocket, Mrs. Nhung recalled the moment when she put the bracelet on her daughter in the past. She choked as if dumbfounded, then hurriedly and tremblingly called the detective.

Running back to the company to see Trang’s profile and found a photo of Trang as a child – it was little Hoa taken with Mrs. Nga, Mrs. Nhung screamed in pain: “It’s really karmic.” Ironically, Van Trang, a close relative of the President, the person she hurt over and over again is Hoa, the little girl she was born and loved with all her heart.

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