Men’s generals are more talkative than their mother-in-law

Men with this feature are petty and talkative in nature, or compare and calculate that the world often calls “womanly”.

1. Thin, arched eyebrows

Women with arched eyebrows are very reliable, willful in their work. However, if a man has this general, it is not so good.

This is a woman with a “womanly” personality, a talkative bravado who also compares small things with others. If the eyebrows are still thin, this type of man is still stubborn and flattery, not eating right away.

The general is a man of many things, more sour than his mother-in-law-1

2. Pointed ears, thin lips

According to anthropology, a man with small pointed ears and thin lips often talks a lot, likes to talk about people. Even their own stories, they bring them all to tell others.

These men can’t keep secrets or talk bad about people behind their backs, so everyone hates them. Marrying a husband like that, women sometimes have to be ashamed because the other half is criticized for many words, many things…

3. General with big and perverted ears

Big ears that are slanted are called “ears of the wind”. People with this ear sign are open-minded, quick to react and speak quickly, but this also becomes a weakness.

Because they speak fast, they don’t pay attention to other people’s words, even “stealing words”, causing conflicts. The way of not paying attention to other people’s feelings sooner or later will offend everyone.

The general is a man of many things, more sour than his mother-in-law-2

4. Crooked or protruding teeth

Women with crooked teeth will be very charming, but for men, they have the habit of explaining morals, snooping on others, speaking without respect for anyone. Even, every sentence of this person implies pointing out mistakes and then teaching someone.

If he is a person with wide teeth, he usually likes to gossip. Sometimes because they talk too much, the stories they tell are distorted, distorting the truth of the original incident.

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