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My husband’s work on the wedding night made me psychologically traumatized

A month ago, I brought my friend Minh to introduce to my family and ask to get married. When I saw his handsome appearance, my whole family liked it. However, when I found out that my boyfriend had graduated from school for 3 years and couldn’t find a job, his parents’ attitude changed completely.

Dad said that men are the breadwinners of the family, but if Minh doesn’t have a job, how can he support his wife and children? Mom said that handsome men who don’t know how to make money can’t get married.

I replied that half of my life had been according to the arrangement of my parents. I was too tired to please others, unable to do what I thought. Now I will listen to my heart, no matter how much my parents prevent me, I still decide to marry Minh.

Dad said if I still want to marry Minh, I’ll go away from home and never come back again. Dad’s words as a challenge made me even more determined. Right after that, I went up to my room to pack up and was determined to run away from home to follow my boyfriend.

At my stubbornness, my parents finally backed down and let us get married.

On the wedding day, the bride’s family gave a lot of gold and envelopes, and the groom’s family had nothing, but I didn’t feel sad. The best part is that we became husband and wife.

Wedding night, while the husband and wife were having a good conversation, I advised him to go find something to do. Unexpectedly, her husband lamented that he worked hard and could not stand the pressure. Then my husband asked me to give all the gold coins to him to keep. I said that property will be shared, when there is a job, I will take it out and use it.

But my husband shouted loudly, forcing me to give him everything, making me pale in fear. Why did you change so suddenly? Only now did Minh reveal his true face. He asked me to open the cupboard and take out all the gold coins for my husband. I did not agree, then he rushed into the house like a madman to break the cabinet loudly, so scared I had to give the key to my husband to open it.

When he plundered all his property, he gave it to Husband’s parent help and forbid them to give me back. I do not regret that 300 million worth of assets, but what I suffer the most is the husband’s rough actions with his wife. Because of money, he lost his handsome and elegant image in the eyes of his wife.

When my parents found out that my husband stole all the gold coins, they would be very heartbroken. Only now do I realize that I have Marrying the wrong husband. Newly married, I can’t say leave my husband, I also don’t know how to make him willing to earn money anymore? I’m even more ashamed of my birth parents that I don’t dare tell anyone.

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