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Perfume Pagoda specialties in season, Ha Thanh people line up to buy soup

The price is not expensive, but to buy the golden apricots, many Hanoians have to “line up”.

After a few days of continuously paying for the special yellow apricot orders of Huong Pagoda that customers had ordered a long time ago, Ms. Le Ngoc Yen from Nguyen Van Cu (Long Bien, Hanoi) said that before the apricot season ripens, the number of orders for apricots has reached more than 4 quintals.

So, a few days ago, when the goods arrived, she began to divide the dream of gradually returning the orders that customers had ordered.

This is the 10th year that Yen sells golden apricots at Huong Pagoda. This type of apricot usually ripens after varieties of apricots in other regions. But in return, the yellow apricots at Huong Pagoda have thick pulp, small seeds, and have a very special sweet and sour taste.

“Dream buyers are regular customers for many years. Someone ordered from when the dream was still green. Therefore, I often collect orders so that when the apricots are ripe, they will be returned to pay in installments.”she shared.

Perfume Pagoda specialties in season, Ha Thanh people line up to buy soup-1
Perfume Pagoda apricot is a famous and delicious specialty, but only for a very short time (photo: Le Ngoc Yen)

According to Yen, golden apricots are not a rare commodity, but the apricot season ends very quickly. Currently, the dream she sells is a selection of goods, priced at 35,000 VND/kg. The type of apricots sold in buckets on the market will be cheaper.

The customers who order apricots are to soak with sugar to make apricot juice to drink to cool down in the summer, or to soak in alcohol. Therefore, people often order in large quantities, and some customers even order apricot wine, she said.

Ms. Tran Bao Ngan selling specialties online in Ha Dong (Hanoi) also said that Huong Pagoda has been in the harvest for nearly half a month now.

However, when apricots are ripe and golden, the fruit is still hard, not soft, suitable for soaking in sugar or soaking in alcohol. This is also the time when gourmets often hunt to buy apricots of Huong Pagoda.

According to her, Perfume Pagoda is famous for its delicious taste, but the price is quite cheap, not as expensive as other specialties.

In Hanoi, buying apricots from Huong Pagoda to soak has become a habit of many families when the fruit is ripe. Some people even ordered a month ago when the fruit was still small and green.

“Gourmet customers mostly order from 5-10kg, some people even order 20kg to soak or make apricot umbrellas. Up to now, the number of orders has reached more than a ton, I have only returned 3 trips to gradually return the goods”, ” Ngan revealed.

Having a habit of making sugar-soaked apricots and making apricot wine, Nguyen Yen Nhi from Bang Liet (Hoang Mai, Hanoi), admits she has to buy apricots. Huong pagoda from a young age.

Because, if you buy slowly, the ripe apricots will be soft when soaked, the deliciousness will be less.

Perfume Pagoda specialties in season, Ha Thanh people line up to buy soup-2
In order to buy ripe yellow apricots, but the flesh is hard and not soft, many people have to buy it (photo: Le Ngoc Yen)

Apricot varieties have the characteristics, if you buy green apricots to soak, the apricots are too sour, with a lot of bitterness, and the finished product will be less delicious. The apricots are ripe, but the flesh is still hard, and when soaked, it will give a very beautiful clear yellow color, sweet taste mixed with sour bar, extremely easy to drink.

The same goes for making apricot jam or apricot jam. Choosing green apricots will be too sour and bitter, soft ripe apricots will be crushed, while ripe apricots are still hard, when done eating jam and apricot will only be slightly sour, mixed with the sweetness of sugar. equally attractive.

“Half a month ago, I ordered 20kg of apricots from Huong Pagoda to soak in apricot wine and sugar soaked apricots. The owner then only received the order, not yet fixed the price because it still depends on the market.

But ordering this specialty fruit is also reassuring so that in the summer you can have a glass of apricot juice to cool off or have a bottle of apricot wine to enjoy.”she says.

On the market, apricots of Huong pagoda are sold a lot, prices range from 15,000-20,000 VND/kg. However, this is a bucket apricot, green fruit is often more than ripe fruit. As for the ripe yellow apricot, the hard fruit costs up to 35,000-50,000 VND/kg.

According to traders, Huong pagoda apricot, also known as Huong Tich apricot, is a famous apricot variety, delicious because of its small seeds, thick pulp, mild sour taste, and a special fragrance.

Therefore, when choosing to buy apricots in Huong Pagoda, you should choose apricots that are small, yellow in color or with red dots. Do not be greedy to buy big apricots because they are hybrid or plain apricots.

The price of apricots in Huong pagoda is always higher than that of apricots in other regions, about 5,000-10,000 VND/kg.

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