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Perineal necrosis due to male drug application

Phu-ThoA 60-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital because of perineal pain, abscess, and perianal pus discharge due to male drug treatment for boils.

About 20 days ago, she appeared a boil in the perineal area, taking medicine for a week did not help, so she applied male medicine. 10 days later, there was a hard lump in the buttocks area causing pain, difficulty walking, inconvenient hygiene, poor eating habits. She continued to apply medicine, the tumor became bigger and bigger, oozing pus, and went to the emergency room.

Doctor Dang Thanh Hai, Director of Hung Vuong Hospital, on April 15, said that this is a rather complicated case because the application of tobacco leaves of unknown origin causes widespread inflammation, blood infection, extensive skin necrosis and perineal software organizations. The patient is being treated for type 2 diabetes, so healing and recovery will take longer.

The patient received anti-shock treatment, surgery for abscess and sigmoid colostomy. Doctors recommend people not to apply any tobacco or leaves of any kind to wounds, burns or boils, causing inflammation to spread or from non-inflammation to inflammation. The disease, if not treated promptly, can lead to sepsis, necrosis, and even death.

The team of doctors performed surgery to treat the abscess and made an artificial anus for the patient.  Photo: Provided by the hospital

The team of surgeons treats the abscess and makes an artificial anus for the patient. Image: Hospital provides

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