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Pick-up truck does not give way to 2 ambulances, controversial traffic situation

The traffic situation happened at about 8pm on 12/4. At this time, two ambulances are carrying victims of the traffic accident to Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital for emergency treatment.

At this time, in front of the truck and pickup truck, which were circulating in front, the ambulance was constantly honking to give way. However, the pickup truck on the left side of the road constantly hesitated to give way, and slowly moved in front to obstruct the priority vehicle.

Only then did this car pass ahead to give way. After posting, this traffic situation caused a fierce controversy on the forums.

Pick-up truck “sloppy” does not give way to two ambulances blaring loudly, the traffic situation is frustrating

Many angry comments said that the pickup truck intentionally did not give way to the priority vehicle, hindering the delivery of the victim to the emergency room. Others analyze the new truck as a hindrance.

-“This is just a coincidence. The truck waited for the pickup, the pickup waited for the load, the 2 ambulances followed, and the village was not handled properly.

– “The pickup must have thought that the truck would give way, not intentionally. It should have been blamed on the truck in front. The pickup meant to slow down for the truck to pass.

– The lights look like two ambulances going in parallel, so the pickup truck driver doesn’t know how to handle it, and he’s worried that the truck will pull over to give way to the ambulance, so the pickup is a bit hesitant. After a while, I decided to go over and give way.” Some comments from netizens.

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