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Plastic surgery caused death, three people were arrested in Ho Chi Minh City

On April 15, the police of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City prosecuted the accused and issued a detention warrant with Le Thi Thu Trang (SN 1996), Nguyen Ngoc Tu (SN 1994) and Phan Thanh Tung (SN 1988, living together. Ho Chi Minh City) on the crime of “violating regulations on medical examination and treatment”.

Before that, on December 5, 2021, Ms. HTN (born in 1990, living in Ca Mau province) was taken to 115 People’s Hospital for emergency treatment. At the time of admission, Ms. N. had difficulty breathing and was pale. After a few hours of treatment, Ms. N. died.

The police and functional agencies investigated and determined that before being hospitalized, Ms. N. had been sucked surgically by Trang, Tu and Tung. fat belly, nose lift. The police invited all three to work.

Through investigation, in November 2021, Trang rented a house in Nguyen Thai Binh ward, District 1 to work as a beauty salon. During this process, Trang accepted Ms. N. (SN 1990, living in Ca Mau province) as a trainee. After that, N. wanted to smoke fat belly, nose lift should be done by Trang. Trang said to work for Ms. N. for 15 million dong, then Ms. N. agreed. Then, Trang said Tu and Tung helped with anesthesia, pain relief and surgery.

On December 5, 2021, all three operated on Ms. N. and then took her to Trang’s boarding house in District 8 to monitor her health. After a few hours, Ms. N. showed signs of shortness of breath and cyanosis, so Trang and Tung were taken to People’s 115 Hospital for emergency treatment. At dawn the next morning, Ms. N. died here.

Through investigation, it was determined that all 3 did not have degrees or practice certificates in medical examination and treatment and cosmetology, did not register for business as a cosmetic clinic in District 1. This group contacted themselves satisfactorily. agreed to have plastic surgery for Ms. N. leading to her death.

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