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Secrets hidden in the eyes!

Mona Lisa

Great Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci is recognized as an almighty genius of the world. He is known as an enigmatic painter because he often hides symbols in his work to send a message.

His famous painting “The Mona Lisa” has inspired many analysts, from art to science, from optical analysis to psychoanalysis.

Magnified 30 times the Mona Lisa painting, the expert is astounded: The secret is hidden in the eyes!  - Photo 1.

The legendary Mona Lisa painting. Image: Wikipedia

The ambiguity in the expression of the painting, the strangeness of the half of the face, and the masterful painting technique of the great artist have all stimulated the great curiosity of scholars 500 years since the day of the Mona Lisa. “born”. All of that is associated with the two words “mystery”.

“If you stand in front of a huge image of Mona Lisa, you will immediately understand why she is so famous. It’s something you have to see with your own eyes,” – French engineer Pascal Cotte said.

Magnified 30 times the Mona Lisa painting, the expert is astounded: The secret is hidden in the eyes!  - Photo 2.

Painting experts. Image: Baijiahao

In 1994, a researcher from the Italian Commission for Cultural Heritage found a strange antique book in an antiques shop. The content of the book is not particularly remarkable, but a sentence in it made the researcher freeze, also opening a new direction for the study of the world’s most famous painting.

In that old book it was written that “There are mysterious symbols hidden in the Mona Lisa’s eyes”.

At first, everyone thought that this saying was just a gimmick to attract readers of the book. But when really magnifying the picture and using a magnifying glass to look into her eyes, posterity will really understand the secret of the great artist.

Of course, the magnifying glass alone was not enough to clearly identify what was hidden in her eyes, so the researchers used high digital technology to magnify the Mona Lisa painting 30 times.

Mystery in the eyes

From high-definition magnified images of modern technology, the researchers discovered that some characters including letters and numbers were drawn on her eyes. Most likely these letters and numbers are secrets left by Leonardo da Vinci.

Magnified 30 times the Mona Lisa painting, the expert is astounded: The secret is hidden in the eyes!  - Photo 4.

Enlarge the eyes of the Mona Lisa. Image: Baijiahao

On the “Mona Lisa’s” right eye, researchers discovered two letters “LV”, but the letters and numbers engraved on the left eye were not clearly distinguishable. There are mixed opinions because some people say it’s the letter CE and some say it could be the letter B or the letter S.

After all, the history of this painting is more than 500 years, so even if it is well preserved, it is not as clear as when it was first painted, so it is impossible to see all the secrets hidden by the great artist.

Regarding the letter “LV” in the right eye, it can be affirmed that it is a shortening of the name of the great painter – Leonardo da Vinci. Since Leonardo was not only a brilliant painter, he was also a great scientist and philosopher, he enjoyed using letters and numbers to convey information to the viewer.

Magnified 30 times the Mona Lisa painting, the expert is astounded: The secret is hidden in the eyes!  - Photo 6.

The great painter Leonardo da Vinci. Image: Baijiahao

The reason this information is hidden in the eyes of the “Mona Lisa” is because Da Vinci believes that “the eyes are the windows to the soul of man”, so through this most important window, information is transmitted. to the people viewing the picture.

There has been an oral opinion that Leonardo da Vinci was gay, his love life was not so good, so he often portrayed himself as girls.

Therefore, the discovery of the word “LV” in the right eye of “Mona Lisa”, it could also prove that the above statement is likely to be true. However, no one dared to confirm this hypothesis for sure.

Not only her eyes, but her smile and the background of the painting are also mysteries that experts are hard at work finding answers to. Until now, there is no definitive answer that can explain all the wonderful mysteries in the painting “Mona Lisa”, even her true identity has not been found.


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