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The clip of the man rushing in to attack the female clothing shop owner when the shop is empty

Recently, on the social network appeared a clip of 1 minute and 6 seconds with the title: “The female salespeople alone are very wary of young people with abnormal expressions, attacking their sisters selling goods”.

According to the recorded clip, a man entered a women’s clothing store. After observing that no one was found, this man suddenly rushed to control the female owner.

The man rushed to perform violence against the shop owner. Screenshots

Due to her surprise, she fell to the floor. The victim was so scared that he cried out and fought fiercely. However, the man still did not give up, but continued to commit violent acts. The incident was identified in Trung Phuc Cuong commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province.

Talking about the incident, Ms. NL, the victim said, the above incident happened 6 days ago, at her family’s clothing shop. At that time, it was noon, so no one was there, the subject entered and suddenly rushed to strangle her.

“I stepped on this man’s crotch, when the subject released his hand, I immediately ran out of the shop and shouted to everyone. Realizing the incident, the local people immediately ran to the rescue and arrested them. keep the above object,” she said.

According to the shop owner, this object is mentally ill, so when working with the police agency, she did not say why. Their family has also apologized, pledging to look after the subject carefully. Therefore, her family did not file a complaint.

Discussing more about the case, Mr. Nguyen Anh Toan, Chairman of Trung Phuc Cuong Commune confirmed: “There is such an incident in the area. The subject is a person with intellectual disability. Fortunately, no such incident happened. Because the victim’s family also accepted the apology, we handed over the subject to the family’s management.” chn

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