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The commoner’s pro-coder failed his second lawyer’s exam, the details were disappointing,

Japanese media reported, Kei Komurothe husband of former Princess Mako failed the exam to obtain a New York state bar exam held in February.

In the list of those who passed the exam this time, there was no name of the royal groom. Thus, Kei Komuro failed the exam for the second time after failing to pass the first exam in July last year.

The latest exam was taken on February 22 and 23. The board also announced the detailed results of the exam with 1378 passers-by out of a total of 3068 contestants, with a passing rate of 45%. Obviously the pass rate in the February exam is quite high, but Kei Komuro can’t afford to pass this challenge.

Previously, the international media had posted pictures of the royal groom after finishing the second exam. Kei Komuro’s expression at that time was not very pleasant, he was somewhat scowling and tired. Many sources speculated that perhaps Mako’s husband did not perform very well on the exam.

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Mako and his wife in the US sky.

Many Japanese news sites say that if Kei Komuro fails again, he will most likely be fired from the law firm where he works and become unemployed. Another big problem is that the royal groom’s visa is about to expire, and the transition from a student visa to a work visa is not an easy thing.

In Komuro’s case, even if the employment contract is continued and a work certificate is issued, getting a work visa can still be very difficult. Thus, the door to extend the visa and get a better job with high income slammed in front of Kei Komuro. Meanwhile, the former Princess Mako has just found a job at the American museum but is not paid.

The fact that Kei Komuro failed the exam for the second time made the couple’s life in America more and more difficult. The cost of living in New York is quite expensive, the situation of fines in the United States is in a serious state, which will make Mako and his wife struggle to maintain their lives. Mako and her husband have not yet commented or made any new moves after the results of the bar exam were announced.

Before that, a representative of the Japanese royal family advised the Mako couple to return to their homeland to live. However, many sources said that this is very unlikely because the former Japanese princess does not want to return to face the storm of public opinion with criticism aimed at her.

Source: Yahoo Japan cuu-cong-chua-nhat-se-di-ve-dau-20220415081502012.chn

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