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The man is not worthy-Young friend

Saturday, April 16, 2022 00:05 AM (GMT+7)

If a man makes you cry many times, he is not worthy of your love. He is not worthy of your attachment and love.

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As a woman, you should respect yourself. (Illustration)

There are old love stories repeated thousands of times that still make the heart sob. There are people who come into life and are ready to leave us in the midst of disappointments and pain. That person who broke my heart doesn’t deserve such sincere and deep love! Tears are the scariest thing, killing a person’s love and youth. So women, don’t cry, don’t hurt…

The beginning of a love is a happy smile, the end of a love is a lot of pain. In love, which is like that, happiness and separation are only a few inches away. Love is not a mistake, the mistake is probably because we have chosen the wrong person. While I sit here, drowning in pain with bitter tears, does anyone remember me? Or are you drunk with new loves?

They also do not care to call the woman they once loved, passionately a phone call. They ignore me with tears of pain and pain. All the beautiful moments passed in regret…

Women, the heart always needs peace, so don’t try to wake it up with faded memories. Don’t tell a story about yourself forever, don’t stay attached to a treacherous man. Don’t imagine the painful ending, where is there any happiness? Forget it, let the heart be at peace and serene. Take the next step, maybe you will find new happiness on the road in the future.

Forget about an old story, stop sobbing because a time has passed. Don’t waste your tears on a cruel person who is ready to walk away without looking back. Tears only make people weaker and more painful. Don’t gnaw on sadness in the dark nights, don’t dwell on the hurt and disappointment. Women, in this world there are thousands, thousands of men who are more deserving than that! Then we will find our own happiness again.

A man who makes us cry, a man who does not have the courage to dry those tears is not worthy of receiving sincere love. He is not even worth your attention and love. Let go to ease your heart, smile because life has countless things to be more precious than that.

Today, open the door of your heart to let the sunshine into your heart. Treat yourself to a day out, shop, and enjoy the soft songs of autumn. Love or not doesn’t matter anymore, the main thing is to be happy with ourselves. We know what we want. Don’t let the passage of time make you old with the love that is gnawing at your heart every day. Don’t torment yourself with old things.

Remember, every woman is very beautiful, beautiful from the eyes to the soul. They deserve to be loved and happy, so trust in the future. As a woman, you should respect yourself. Don’t wear yourself out because of bitter salty tears, don’t make your heart more painful because of a person who is no longer mine. Let’s let go.

Ladies, don’t cry for someone who doesn’t deserve it. Tomorrow my heart will be happy again…

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