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“The name Cao Thai Son only became a trademark after I registered it”

Recently, information about singer Nathan Lee’s exclusive registration of the trademark “Cao Thai Son” caused a stir in public opinion. The incident created mixed opinions on the media as well as on social networks.

Nathan Lee:

Male singer Nathan Lee. (Photo: FBNV)

Share with PV Vietnamese people On this issue, singer Nathan Lee said: “First of all, I confirm that the above information did not appear from my side and I also do not want to mention this issue.

Second, to talk about the brand, I can confirm that it is just a simple name. It became a trademark only after I registered it. I register many other trademarks, not just this name.

Talking about the copyright story, I can affirm that I am one of the most copyright-respecting artists in Vietnam. I understand the law very well and always respect the law, and never bet 500, a million to buy and sell copyright.

As a business person, I have a purpose for my activities and there is no need to disclose those stories.”

Nathan Lee also said that he is currently abroad and enjoying his own time. “I’m happy and don’t want to be caught up in unnecessary scandals,” the male singer affirmed.

Meanwhile, when PV Vietnamese people contact, singer Cao Thai Son shared that he did not want to mention the above story: “I am not interested in this matter. All legal issues, I have a lawyer and representative in charge of me. . I just focus on my work which is business and music”.

Nathan Lee:

Male singer Cao Thai Son. (Photo: FBNV)

Nathan Lee’s real name is Truong Trieu Truc Lan was born on July 31, 1983 in Hanoi. Since childhood, he lived abroad with his parents. At the age of 17, Nathan Lee became a model for Elite Model Management. After that, he studied vocals for 6 years and returned to Vietnam to pursue his passion for singing. Nathan Lee is also known as a giant in Vietnamese showbiz with many valuable real estate.

Meanwhile, Cao Thai Son (born in 1985) is known to the audience after the Sao Mai rendezvous contest. He is loved by the public with many “hits” such as: Rainy road, Purple Crystal, Peace…

In mid-2021, Nathan Lee caused a stir when he bought the exclusive rights to 7 songs that were once associated with Cao Thai Son’s career, which are: Rainy Road, Purple Crystal, Peace, Love Returns, Love Returns, Rainbow After Rain and Still love every minute.

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