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The risk of family breakdown because the land purchase has not been successful

We have been married for over 13 years. Like many other couples, the two stayed at their parents’ house for a while and then had to consider buying a house.

However, with the salaries of highly skilled engineers and bachelors, buying a house in the city is also a problem. We do not dare to borrow much because the husband and wife both work outside the business, no one works for the state agency so that they can borrow at preferential interest rates or have a stable job to pay off the debt with peace of mind.

In 2015, after six years of accumulation, we decided to put all our money into buying land in a project in Binh Duong province. At that time the company was leveling the land and selling it. However, the land we bought belongs to another lot, so the capital contribution contract signed and assigned the land within two years. Now seven years have passed, we have come down to work many times, but the leaders avoid meeting, the staff only has one sentence: “No land, nothing new”. My wife repeatedly requested the company to pay with another plot of land for construction land or the two sides sat down for the company to find a solution. After all they just kept quiet.

In the past two years due to the epidemic, his wife lost her job and went to claim land, but nothing could be done. All day long, my wife was angry, blaming me for not buying a place with available land and then making money to build later, trusting that the investor was leveling the land so there would be land to build a house. His wife said that for more than 13 years, he worked hard day and night, took care of his children and took care of his family, now over 40 years old, he cannot have a house or a place to return to. Every once in a while, his wife cries and complains and demandsmedicinetake the child home.

Sometimes my wife goes to see a lawyer to calculate the lawsuit, she said that she can’t waste her years of work. I don’t know where this will go yet but it’s really exhausting when a project for 20 years is not completed without any authorities intervene. Every day, my father and I held our breath, I don’t know if my wife was screaming or angry today. The wife is haunted by that piece of land. We have two grown-up children, we can’t just say we want a divorce. But if I don’t solve this sandy land, I really feel that family happiness is like hanging on a thread, it can break at any time.

His wife used to get a job in the countryside, enough money to support her children, because the epidemic forced her to quit because she had not yet applied for school for her children. The wife may leave with the kids just because we can’t handle the land so we can build or have the money to buy another place. What should I do?


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