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U.23 Vietnam: The fear of stopping two conductors Hai Long and Huu Thang

The fact that Hai Long was crossed out by Mr. Park, Huu Thang focused on U.23 Vietnam with a faint impression in previous appearances, raising concerns for young “10” conductors.

In the past two years, there has been an implicit consensus that the role of conductor of U.23 Vietnam will be a competition between two remarkable “10s” with the same birth in 2000, Nguyen Huu Thang of Viettel Club and Nguyen Huu Thang of Viettel FC. Nguyen Hai Long of Hanoi Club.

Since a few years ago, Huu Thang has been heavily circled by experts in his technical manual when he witnessed him shine at youth levels from 2013 national silver medal U.13 to national U.15 championship. year 2015.

Many people until now are still impressed with the image of the 17-year-old boy playing poise and mutant, creating both goals for U.19 Vietnam to beat U.19 Gwangju in the final. The title of the best player at the 2017 international U.19 tournament.

Having emerged as the conductor of U.16 Vietnam, the Hue-born midfielder born in 2000 is expected to be a new “number 10” of Vietnamese football with his slick left foot, mischievous ball handling and clever game reading.

Huu Thang handled the technical ball when he and U.23 Vietnam faced the Vietnamese team


But the body is a bit small and thin, plus sitting on the bench for too long at Viettel Club makes Huu Thang not have many opportunities to play and show signs of being “stagnated” in the midfield with many stars of the team. V-League champion 2020.

Meanwhile, Hai Long once flashed in the 2020 season when senior Hai Huy was suddenly seriously injured. This midfielder, also born in 2000, has continuously impressed the whole V-League with goals and assists along with intelligent and mutant play.

The brilliant performance of the Quang Ninh hometown boy helped him even get called up to the Vietnam team by Mr. Park in 2020, unfortunately a meniscus injury caused him to miss two friendly matches with U.23 Vietnam. on his own homeland.

Huu Thang soon caught the eye of Coach Park Hang-seo from 2020


Quang Ninh club then went bankrupt and transferred Hai Long to Hanoi club at the beginning of the 2021 season. In theory, the move helps this young midfielder have a too good training environment next to the “big” and equal seniors. such as Thanh Luong, Van Quyet, Quang Hai

But just like Huu Thang is still considered too young at Viettel, Hai Long has fallen into the trap and cannot squeeze into the competition for a regular spot among the star-studded midfielders of Hanoi FC.

The lack of time to play for real combat has directly affected the performance, confidence and, more deeply, the development momentum of these two young talents born in 2000.

Hai Long in the gathering to recruit Vietnam in 2020

Minh Tu

This is clearly shown in the U.23 Vietnam shirt. As in the case of Huu Thang, he played extremely well and confidently in two friendly matches with Vietnam at the end of 2020 thanks to being regularly playing for Binh Dinh Club in the first place (then winning tickets to the V-League). .

But since becoming friends with the bench of Viettel Club from the 2021 season, Huu Thang has no longer maintained his form, feeling confident and creative when playing football, not much different from his friend Hai Long who is also buried. in the capital Hanoi.

From 2021 until now, Hai Long and Huu Thang have both played very faintly in the U.23 Vietnam shirt, including the tournament that is considered a key focus like the Asian U.23 qualifier in October 2021 or recently the tournament. U.23 Dubai.

Injuries and sitting on the bench for too long are threatening Hai Long’s development

Minh Tu

It is this that has made U.23 Vietnam’s offensive performance extremely worrying, in both controlling the ball and changing the state of attack or penetrating crowded defenses.

This alarming slowdown forced Mr. Park to choose a solution to use 2/3 of the seats over the age of 23 to supplement Hoang Duc and Hung Dung, besides striker Tien Linh.

In the short term, the main duo for Vietnam team Hung Dung and Hoang Duc will be a great addition to the midfield and attacking quality for Vietnam U.23.

But in the long run, obviously U.23 Vietnam It will be very worrying at the tournament U.23 Asia 2022further is the inheritance of the role of “conductor” in the Vietnamese team, if we do not have a way to unleash the potential of the talented midfielder duo born in 2000 is Huu Thang and Hai Long.

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