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US will consider lifting sanctions if Russia and Ukraine reach an agreement

At the press conference, the reporter questioned whether sanctions against Russia would be lifted if an agreement was reached in the negotiations between Russia and Russia. Ukraine or not.

“It is not a foregone conclusion. A lot depends on the form and size of that diplomatic arrangement. A lot depends on what can be agreed when Ukraine consults with us and with Europe. But if sanctions relief can help with some credible Ukrainian-led diplomatic solution, then we’ll be open to discussion,” he said.

Regarding the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, President Putin accused Ukraine of bringing the negotiations to an impasse. Speaking at a press conference on April 13 about the results of talks with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko during his working visit to Russia, Putin stated that Ukraine’s departure from the agreements reached at the talks in Istanbul brought this process to a standstill.

The Russian leader said that the Russia-Ukraine talks in Istanbul had reached certain agreements, including in fact security guarantees for Ukraine. After that, the Russian side took actions to create conditions for the continuation of the agreement process. However, the actions of the Ukrainian side were not as expected by Russia.

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