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Vietnamese people go abroad to travel

Nearly 2 months after the milestone that the Government allowed the opening of all regular international flights, many Vietnamese tourists have successfully made travel abroad. Besides self-sufficient trips, some travel businesses said the number of customers contacting, consulting and booking tours also increased sharply.

Foreign tourism is gradually regaining its bustling atmosphere and is expected to help businesses recover.

Market flourishes

Reply ZingNguyen Nguyet Van Khanh, Deputy Director of Marketing Department of Vietravel, said that since March 15, this unit has received about 1,000 visitors to register for outbound tours to Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, and Dubai (UAE). ), Maldives, Turkey, European countries, Australia and America.

Similarly, Mr. Tran Sy Son, CEO of PYS Travel, also received positive signals from tourists. Since the end of February, when there are consecutive news that countries are easing quarantine, overseas tours at the company have been increasingly interested.

After successfully organizing the first Hanoi – Dubai tour for 6 days and 5 nights, the unit received a stable number of visitors, departing to this tourist destination weekly from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

At the end of February and early March, mainly retail customers in couples or groups of friends ask to book a tour. By mid-March, the request for booking tours from business and MICE tourists increased“, Mr. Son added about the transformation of tourist objects in each period.

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Visitors, learn about tours at the Vietnam International Tourism Fair 2022. Photo: Anh Tu.

The outbound market is showing signs of improvement, which is positive news for the tourism industry. However, the number of tourists interested and registered to buy a tour is still very modest when compared to the time before the epidemic. At Vietravel, the number of visitors registering for outbound tours is stopping at 8-10% before the epidemic season.

The issue of foreign tour prices is still a “barrier” for some Vietnamese tourists. For example, the Southeast Asian tour product is still relatively high compared to the previous time due to the high airfare, tour service in the host country and the problem of increasing gasoline prices recently.

However, there are still products with good prices like Dubai, the price is equal to the time before the epidemic, so it is the most chosen by tourists today.

A lot of choice

Compared to the period of February-March, when the entry policy of countries was still strict, there were costs for PCR testing and Covid-19 insurance, the key tourist countries have gradually opened up more.

Specifically, Thailand removed the regulation of PCR testing for tourists before boarding the plane, moving to the stage where Covid-19 is considered an endemic disease; Bali (Indonesia) visa-free for Vietnamese tourists and remove the requirement of PCR test on one day when guests get 2 doses of vaccine; Singapore completely lifts restrictions related to Covid-19; Turkey opens its door to welcome visitors who have had all doses of the vaccine…

Vietravel has launched more than 30 tours to Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Bali (Indonesia), Philippines, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Maldives, Turkey, Europe, Australia, USA…

Most recently, during the holiday of April 30 to May 1 this year, visitors can choose to go to Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia for 4 days and 3 nights (about 8 million VND), Thailand for 5 days and 4 nights (approximately 5 days and 4 nights). 14 million VND), Singapore for 4 days and 3 nights (about 17.9 million VND).

The European tour to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France departing April 26 is also a business suggestion for tourists.

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The Museum of the Future in Dubai (UAE) just opened to visitors in mid-February. Photo: The New York Times

Also on the occasion of April 30, Saigontourist travel service serves a series of foreign tours departing from Ho Chi Minh City with prices from 33 million VND to France, USA, Dubai, Turkey, Maldives, Australia…

This unit said that the tour in the form of Free & Easy with reasonable price and free schedule is also a new trend.

Not out of the growth of outbound tourism, besides the Dubai itinerary, PYS Travel also sells Cambodia and Maldives tours departing from April, Singapore tours, Singapore – Malaysia, Thailand, Bali, Turkey, etc. Northern Europe, Western Europe depart from May.

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