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War in Ukraine until the afternoon of April 15: Russia announced that it would continue air strikes on Kyiv

Observers believe that Russia is making some new moves in the campaign military in Ukraine, after losing the flagship Moscow.

Ukrainian soldiers stand guard at an area reported to be a mass grave unearthed in Bucha northwest of Kyiv on April 14.


The war in Ukraine until the afternoon of April 15 continued to take place in tension as Russian forces continued to apply pressure in MariupolAt the same time, he announced that he would continue to attack the capital Kyiv, although he had previously turned to focus the campaign on the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine.

Russia’s Defense Ministry on April 15 confirmed the launch of a cruise missile that hit a military target on the edge of Kyiv overnight and vowed to continue bombing the Ukrainian capital, according to Reuters.

In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian army had complete control of the Ilyich steel plant in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which has been besieged by Russian forces for weeks.

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Russia takes NATO prisoners?

According to Sputnik, Chairman of the Committee for the Defense of National Sovereignty of the Russian Senate Andrey Klimov, soldiers of NATO countries were detained during Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.

He said that the West continued to fight Russia “at the hands of Ukrainians and mercenaries”, and suggested that NATO troops were involved in the conflict.

“We already have prisoners of war who are soldiers from NATO countries, we will show it all when we go to trial, and also world will see what really happens,” Klimov said.

NATO has not commented on the information.

Russia warns the US

In another development, Russia has just sent a diplomatic note to the US, warning that the “most sensitive” arms shipments from the US and NATO to Ukraine are “adding oil” to the conflict and could lead to ” unintended consequences”.

The above diplomatic move took place in the context of the US President Joe Biden increased arms aid to Ukraine, with a $800 million package that includes 155 mm howitzers, coast guard drones and armored vehicles, as well as anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons and millions of pellets. bullet.

Will the US share intelligence on Russian troops in Crimea with Ukraine?

The United States is also promoting the delivery of long-range air defense systems to Ukraine, including S-300 systems from Slovakia, which Ukrainian forces have been trained to use.

According to the sheet USA TodayAmong the weapons that the US has supported Ukraine are 1,400 Stinger air defense systems, about 5,500 Javelin missiles, more than 7,000 small arms and 50 million rounds of ammunition.

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Russian warships avoid the coast of Ukraine?

Sheet The Washington Post On April 15, the US Department of Defense reported that up to five Russian warships in the northern Black Sea had moved south from the Ukrainian coast, after the flagship Moskva suffered heavy damage and sank.

These warships, which are closer to the coast of Ukraine than the cruiser Moskva, the flagship of the Black Sea fleet sank amid conflicting information about the cause.

Explosion on the most important warship of the Black Sea fleet Russia, Ukraine say fired a missile

It is not clear why the ships moved away from the coast of Ukraine, although military experts believe that the Russian Navy can avoid further attack from Ukraine’s coastal defense forces. The Russian side has not commented on this information.

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