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What is the effect of the golden comb that is used as medicine?

What is a golden comb?

The golden comb has the scientific name of Callisia fragrans, is a species of plant in the Thai Lai family. Folk still often call this plant under many other names such as drooping orchid, fake cluster, cylindricula, scapulaca, etc. This is a native plant from Mexico, later widely planted. widely in some European countries, and then have the opportunity to be brought back to Vietnam to plant. Yellow comb prefers hot, humid climate with sunshine, so it is very suitable for the climate of our country.

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Features of the golden comb

The golden comb has some recognizable characteristics as follows:

1. About the trunk

Golden comb is a small herbaceous perennial, with an average height of only about 0.5-1m. The stem is usually vertical, in some cases horizontal. The body is divided into many small segments, each segment appears many branches about 10cm long.

2. About leaves

The yellow comb leaves grow from the branches, about 20-30cm long, green, oblong, tapering at the tip. Leaves have the ability to turn purple-green if exposed to too much sunlight for a long time.

3. About flowers

Yellow comb can produce flowers, the flowers of the plant grow in small clusters of 8-10 flowers together. The flowers are lightly scented, white, and have short peduncles.

How many types of golden combs are there?

In nature, there is only one type of golden comb. This makes it easy for many people to distinguish this plant from another to avoid confusion when preparing medicinal herbs.

The chemical composition of the golden comb

According to modern medicine that has been studied and analyzed for many years by modern medicine, yellow comb contains many biologically active substances that have very good effects on human health, including the following:

– Lipid group: Triacyglyceride, sulfolipid, di galactosyl diglyceride

– Fatty acid group includes: Paraffinic, olefinic

– Organic acids

– Carotenoid pigment, chlorophyll

– Phytosterol-based active ingredients

– Vitamins PP, B2 and trace elements such as Iron, Copper, Chromium,…

– Flavonoids include: Quercetin, Kaempferol isoorientin, ..

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8 Health benefits of golden comb

Thanks to the chemical composition with many valuable biological active substances, the golden comb has many effects on human health:

1. Uses according to Eastern medicine

According to Oriental medicine, the golden comb has the ability to help Clearing heat, detoxifying, laxative, anti-inflammatory, chemical phlegm, hydrophilic, … Therefore it is often appeared in many traditional medicine remedies to treat many diseases harmful to health.

2. Helps antibacterial

Flavonoids in yellow comb have high anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, the body’s wound will not become infected, not aggravated, and have a chance to heal faster.

3. Anti-oxidation

Golden comb is rich in vitamins of group B and vitamin PP with high antioxidant capacity, good for the body. From there, it helps to strengthen the body’s blood vessel walls, reducing the risk of dangerous diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure, …

4. Inhibit harmful cells, prevent cancer

Flavonoid-based active ingredients in yellow comb have the ability to destroy and inhibit harmful cell types, dangerous free radicals. Thereby helping to prevent and support the treatment of dangerous cancers in patients.

5. Support diabetes treatment

Proper use of golden comb will help regulate blood sugar in the body, preventing possible complications of diabetes. From there, the patient will have a better chance of recovering and being healthy.

6. Helps relieve cough, fight sore throat

Thanks to the high anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of yellow comb, patients will be able to prevent sore throat, effectively reducing cough and discomfort in the throat.

7. Support treatment of hepatitis, liver cancer

Golden comb is a very good medicine for the liver. It has the ability to help detoxify, lower blood fat, and restore damage in the liver effectively. Besides, the high antioxidant activity also helps to treat hepatitis, prevent liver cancer better.

8. Helps relieve joint pain

Golden comb contains many kinds of precious trace minerals such as Iron, Copper, Calcium, … will be good for the health of bones and joints. This helps the patient to prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Some cures with golden comb

Here are some folk remedies, using golden comb as the main medicine, you can refer to below:

1. Remedies for sore throat, cough

You prepare about 4-5 yellow comb leaves, wash them, then cut them into small pieces and then use them to chew directly to cure sore throat or cough with phlegm. Use 3 times a day, chew continuously for 10 minutes for effective treatment.

2. Remedy to treat itching, pimples

You prepare about 1-2 yellow comb leaves, washed, then crushed and applied directly to the skin area that is having an itchy rash or pimples. Using gauze to fix the leaves and damaged skin for about 30 minutes a day, you will see a significant reduction in the itching.

3. Remedies to support hemorrhoids treatment

You prepare about 4 yellow comb leaves, wash them and then crush them with a little salt. Next, you bring the crushed leaf residue and apply it directly to the anal area with hemorrhoids, using gauze to fix it. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with water. Thereby, you will completely reduce the pain caused by hemorrhoids.

Note when using the golden comb to cure diseases

– The golden comb should not be used to treat children, especially children under 6 years old.

– People with weak digestive system should not drink medicinal juice from this plant in the evening, because the plant is cold and can cause digestive disorders.

– If you use the golden comb to soak alcohol, absolutely not for people with liver disease to drink. Because this can make liver disease worse.

– If you are using herbal medicines as prescribed by your doctor, avoid using medicinal plants during this time. Because the yellow comb can lose the effect of the medicine you are using.

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How to soak golden comb

To soak golden comb for daily use to help improve and improve health, you can refer to the following steps:

1. Materials needed

– Yellow comb: 300g (including full stem, leaves, roots)

– White wine: 5 liters

– Large glass vase

2. Steps to soak in alcohol

– First, wash the yellow comb, then let it dry before soaking.

– Next, you cut the plant into 3-4cm segments, then put the entire golden comb into the glass jar.

– Next, you pour white wine into the bottle, then close the lid tightly to preserve. Soaking like this after about 2-3 months can be used.

– The wine from the golden comb can be taken to drink or used to massage the skin will be very effective.

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