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Why do big companies always prefer students from top schools?


In my 3rd and 4th year of university, I attended an exchange course at the top school at that time. At that time, what impressed me the most was not how good the teachers were or how smart the students were, but the atmosphere of everyone trying. For example, every time the final exam, the self-study room is always lit, no one is absent during class time, even at a 20-minute break in the middle of the school day, everywhere will be the image of people eating cake. Noodle has just rushed through the room to study the next shift. No one complains that they have to live in a hurry, on the contrary, they frantically rush to study as well as participate in extracurricular activities.

In my eyes, they are always full of vitality and competitive will. Just mentioning competitions or competitive activities makes everyone excited. Every day is like every other day, it is very normal to open your eyes and be busy until 1-2 am in the morning. No one complains why I work so hard, no one complains life Why is it so difficult, everyone is busy but also very happy.

I still remember it was their state of high learning spirit that inspired me so much. Although the distance between me and them is great, it doesn’t affect how I see them as a standard to follow. However, at the same time, I am also aware that this is the difference between me and them.

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I once read in a book a very interesting quote like this: “For an adult, the standard comes from within oneself, but most people are influenced by the environment around them. When a young person attends a middle-class university, they will consciously lower their own standards to adapt to the situation, reduce the conflict between themselves and the surrounding environment. And this action will probably have a serious impact on their lives.”

“Because of the feeling of failure when taking exams, students of second- and third-class universities also default to their own standards according to that. The learning environment, the teachers behave inappropriately. blame, loose friends will invisibly make them feel disappointed. Just like that, they also feel satisfied with their low standard life.”

In fact, every student when entering the university gate has a spirit of study effort in his heart, top schools or universities often have excellent students and especially hard-working students, but why over time? time, the number of such students has decreased?

It was because they were “self-consciously lowering one’s own standards to adapt to the situation, reducing the conflict between oneself and the surrounding environment, feeling satisfied with life at one’s own low standards”.


Do you know why big companies always prefer students from top schools? Despite the fact, the students of these schools are often very talented and try very hard. After a long time in the society, I understood, in fact, those companies do not ask for your GPA to be taller, but the state of mind inside you is important.

Someone said: “Young people who earn billions a year even though the salary is very high, they still choose to work until midnight. Moreover, their status is also different, every day they will feel excited because they have made the world a better place. little bit, generally thinking very positively. They don’t consider their hard work as hard, nor do they have to work hard for this billion. They accept hard work as a way to realize their goals. This world is like that, there will always be a group of people constantly advancing day and night, the other group will wake up and find that the world has changed.”

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So what about the life and work of ordinary people like us?

Going to work to suffer a little bit more has begun to scream for justice. If you fail, you will resent the company and your boss. When I got home from work, I read a few pages of a book and thought I was advanced enough. Tired for a few days, thought it was time to rest and enjoy life. Overtime for a few days, I thought I was going to work hard to death. Meeting a couple of trifles has been frustrating all day, as if facing the problem of human life. Seeing other people being talented, yes, I admire it, but I can’t escape the curse of laziness.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that 100% of the school’s students are good, but broadly speaking, near the ink, it’s black, near the lights, it’s bright, a person will often be greatly influenced by the environment they live in.

“A middle-class university student who can courageously force himself to follow the standards of students of prestigious schools is the most correct, this person will definitely reap many advantages” – I think this sentence is very true.

I sent that sentence to a university lecturer I know, she said to me: “It’s very difficult, I also ask her students like that, but the level is too different, most of you don’t understand, maybe only a few graduates will understand.”

But graduate students are not sure to understand. As for sitting on the school chair without asking for anything, after entering society, everything will become even more difficult. Therefore, people who know how to try often have to suffer alone.


A few days ago when I returned to my hometown, my sister asked if the capital was different from the cities of class 2 and 3, I replied: “The better the person, the harder he works, the richer the person, the harder he works”.

I know a friend who has 50 days left to give birth to a baby, twin pregnancy. However, my friend is economically independent, even when she is pregnant, she can still open two more company branches and become a successful businesswoman. Perhaps you will ask: “Geez, who can do that?”. Please, my friend is just an ordinary person, an ordinary person with an independent economy, money and talent.

After 9-10 years in society, the difference in the reputation of the school you attended or the quality of your degree will gradually fade, what is more important is personal experience, experience as well as the degree of social change. There are people whose life will get better and better and there are people who live more and more disoriented. The cause of this difference is the inner spirit.

Simply put, attitude determines action, action determines outcome. Whether you are a positive, progressive person or a narrator, lazy will directly determine how your future life will be.

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Obviously, out there, we’ve seen a lot of people who did very well in school but later turned out to be excellent. They get this through constant training and self-development. As for individuals who come from prestigious schools, from the beginning they have set themselves very strict standards and requirements. They themselves live in the middle of such a school, surrounded by people with the same spirit. But no matter how rich these people are, what they have in common is effort and hard work.

It’s hard to say unequivocally what the difference is between top and middle schools, whether it’s the output and earnings after graduation or the quality of life later on. But if you change another perspective, looking at the way of thinking and working attitude, the self-limitation, the progress, the competition, the bravery that the top environment brings to you will leave a lot of impressions. positive influence, not only for you but for generations to come. Money and wealth are difficult to pass on to the next generation, but spiritual traditions can be handed down forever.

Ordinary students will also achieve achievements when entering society, and will also have the temperament of a successful person. But they have to work harder, pay more. Then, they have the confidence to stand on a par with the talented people coming out of the top schools, shining together, creating their own glories together.

So what do we need to do? It’s very simple, remember the saying that even if you go to a normal school, you also have to ask yourself to follow the same standards as the top students, even though you may not become an outstanding person, at least you will not live in vain. one life. Ordinary students of middle-class universities set the standards for themselves according to the standards of students of prestigious universities, ordinary people ask themselves according to the standards of talented people, even if they do not. Even if they can become outstanding talented people, they will definitely live a life without waste.

“You have to force yourself to live up to the standards of talented people, walk among them confidently, close the distance between you and them. The moment you feel you are qualified to be one of them is precisely the moment when you feel qualified to be one of them. That’s when you became a real genius.”

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