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Wife “swinging trend” made her husband see it and traumatized her

The “trendy” wife shows her past photos

Recently, on MXH, there has been a movement to post photos from many years ago. There are people in the past whose beauty is so different from the present that everyone is surprised. Some people even posted photos that people couldn’t believe because their beauty was so different. Because of that difference, there have been bad stories. A husband posted on social media about a story that had just happened in his house. The story is as follows:

Get married It’s been 5 years now, I’m always happy because I got a “bargain” wife. My wife is a pretty girl, white skin, big eyes, nose and lips, heart, in general, can’t be faulted.

In the past, I took my wife to introduce to my friends, but everyone had to compliment me and tell me that ‘buffalo is slow to drink clear water’. It’s not that I’m slow, but because I’m busy striving. Now, if someone has a house and has a new car, they dare to get married, but they don’t dare to move forward. Such a pretty girl, if she doesn’t have any ‘capital’, who dares to ask questions?” husband told.


The article is posted.

Accordingly, when the economy itself was full, he flirted and received a nod from his wife. After a period of love, both get married together. The husband continued: “Normally, my wife still says that she is ‘trapped’ by her husband. I must be happy and happy when I marry her. Of course, I also pamper my wife and flatter me, so I always nod in agreement. My wife Everyone knows she’s pretty, but it’s nothing new. However, recently, I first saw a picture of my wife more than 10 years ago. In general, I was really stunned.

Accordingly, following the trend of the online community, the wife also decided to post a photo taken when she was 17-18 years old on social networks. Not only the husband, but all “fall back” not believing this is a person.

“Honestly, when I fell in love with my wife, she was also 24-25 years old, so beautiful and brilliant. That’s why I didn’t really know before, so seeing it now is really traumatizing. the.

I don’t understand why my wife in high school wears her hair and dresses like a ‘real man’. The hair is short, the skin is dark, the nose also looks flat, the eyes are wearing thick glasses, I am so shocked. She of the old years And now there’s really nothing in common.

I’m afraid that my wife won’t like it, so I don’t dare to give many opinions, but lying next to my wife at night, I feel that it is not very honest. Even I was startled to be slim, if it wasn’t for her giving me a beautiful son, I would still suspect that my wife was a real boy at that time.

Lessons for silly questions

It is true that the story that many people now show off their old photos is really a “heavy shock”. Time really knows how to make things change that people can’t imagine. I don’t know, where this husband’s surprise will lead things.

He continued: “Holding great curiosity about whether my wife had cutlery and why she suddenly turned into a daughter, I took the risk to ask. As soon as I mentioned the photo case, she laughed and said: ‘ Well, it’s spectacular, I don’t know why I thought it was cool to be a tomboy back then. Lucky for you, I’ll go back to the ‘right path’ and then meet and fall in love with you. I thought two brothers were together.

I blurted out about the surgery and then laughed and added: ‘Fortunately, I’m afraid of being cheated by my wife, then I won’t be able to ‘return the goods’ after getting married.

Immediately, I was scolded and slapped: ‘You touch my nose to see if there is cartilage, open my eyes wide and see how my lips have been since then. But all day self-identified to get a beautiful wife, now suspecting that his wife had surgery. Time is the best remedy for any change. You’ve never heard that right, now you hear it. It’s fortunate that I didn’t meet you at that time, but if I did, I would run away and regret it later, learn from experience’.

That’s it, at that time, I asked curiously to make sure I was scolded right away. Brothers and sisters, learn from experience, no matter how your current and past wives change, think carefully before asking lest you suddenly get beaten. Besides, the topic of beauty for women is always very sensitive.”

It’s really a funny story. In the past few days, many husbands have gone from panicking to panic about their wives showing off photos with disparate beauty. However, there is a reason for any deviation, so asking curiously and receiving a painful blow is really not good at all. minh-thon-thot-vi-so-bilua-20220415215635938.chn

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