Women do their best to make sacrifices for their families, not necessarily loved

Knowing this key point, it is easier for you to find happiness in your marriage.

When going through a breakdown marriagethere are many people who will ask themselves: “Why did I sacrifice for him, for this family so much, but I didn’t get a happy ending?”.

We assume that if we sacrifice, give everything, we will get the same thing. But marriage, love or so many areas of life do not work according to that principle.

We should still keep a cool head to really stay awake and analyze the problem. Instead of blindly sacrificing, equip yourself with the following 3 things, you will surely find a way in marriage.

Understand what others need

Sacrificing blindly, giving without thinking means that you keep putting all your thoughts, efforts, and feelings into the other person. But have you ever asked yourself, “Does he need that?” not yet?

Remember, what you give people is not necessarily what they need to be happy.

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A man who considers a meal as just a moment to fill his stomach, gathers strength without caring about salty, tasteless dishes, it is also difficult for him to understand the delicious dishes his wife makes.

You work hard and sweat in the kitchen, not sure if you have received a sentence “You are so brave!” from the opponent. Or simply, as long as you cook through the speaker, he is satisfied enough, not complaining.

You sacrifice a lot for people, but you don’t know what they want, over time will create differences in life. One side keeps giving, the other considers it too normal.

How much you give is not equal to giving in the right way. When the husband is tired, just a glass of water, a comforting hug is enough. If you draw a lot of things out, it will even make his mood more confused, difficult to focus on what needs to be done.

Over time, they also consider you annoying, don’t want to accept these meaningless sacrifices anymore.

Economically, financially self-sufficient

You have money, he also has money, the two sides obviously talk to each other, it is easy to come to a common conclusion, keep the peace. But you have nothing in hand, but you sacrifice too much, it is easy to have resentment.

When you are cornered, mistreated, have no money, career or hope in your hand, you will feel that the whole world is unfair to you. So many bad consequences will happen from here.

Women who sacrifice themselves wholeheartedly for their families are not necessarily loved-2

However, when you have the economy, being financially independent is different. We can go to the restaurant we want, buy a set of clothes that we love, and the mood will be more positive.

Even simply, you will have more voice when talking and arguing with the other party. He has an economy, you also have, don’t have to rely entirely on one person man. They will also give you a certain amount of respect, because both sides are very equal.

You are always new, constantly moving forward

When we just take care of ourselves in many aspects, such as appearance, content, intelligence… it’s like “one arrow hits two targets”. Just so you can change, stay young, beautiful and energetic. On the other hand, it also helps the opposite person feel comfortable, like being blown a fresh energy source.

The way you change to be positive is also the great thing we give to each other. That is, if we sacrifice for others, let’s give them something truly valuable through our own change.

There are wives who, over the years, still offer their husbands an old soul, an old person, and a character that is not new. When he is depressed, you will easily say that “people’s hearts have changed”.

Sometimes change is for the better, not for the bad. A wise person will understand this, to always strive for better every day. It’s been a long process of training, not easy.

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